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Who Are The Squadron Supreme, Rumored To Appear In Loki Season 2?

By Chandraboli Majumdar
October 1,2022

Rumors about Henry Cavill joining the MCU as the superhero Hyperion has taken the internet by storm. People have been giving their theories and opinions about the entire situation. Some even think that he shouldn’t join the MCU considering his past appearance as Superman. However, it is not just Henry Cavill’s Hyperion who may appear in Loki season 2. It has been reported that he will be joined by the entire Squadron Supreme in Loki season 2 who will be aiding Kang the Conqueror.

Henry Cavill rumored to play Hyperion In Loki season 2

Henry Cavill rumored to play Hyperion In Loki season 2

The Squadron Supreme is basically like Marvel’s very own Justice League. There have been claims that they will serve as a group of extremely powerful beings treading on the side of evil. The Squadron Supreme may even work alongside Kang and aid him in his mission. They start off as heroes and even aid the Avengers on several occasions. However, they always revert back to being villains after losing their faith in humanity and considering themselves to be superior beings.

Who are the Squadron Supreme?

Squadron Supreme in the Marvel comics

Squadron Supreme in the Marvel comics

The Squadron Supreme were a bunch of powerful superheroes from Earth-S also known as Earth-Squadron. However, what started as a team of heroes quickly descended into a bunch of arrogant dictators hell-bent on taking over the world. They denounced the government and even ousted the President. They replaced him with one of their members and began exerting their control over the world. The Squadron Supreme were extremely unethical and followed the motto that the means justify the ends. They took over the military, police and all other federal agencies of the world. They called this the Utopia Program. The program was meant to address social problems such as poverty, disease, crime and environmental calamities that plagued their world.

The Squadron vs The Avengers helping Kang the Conqueror

The Squadron vs The Avengers

Later on in the Marvel comics, the Squadron ended up on Earth-616 and had several adventures on the planet. Here they even helped the Avengers on several occasions. However, eventually the Squadron were brought to an end when most members fell victim to a cataclysmic event, leaving behind only Hyperion.

The members of the Squadron Supreme

Members of the Squadron Supreme similar to the Justice League

Members of the Squadron Supreme similar to the Justice League

Over the years, there have been over a dozen members in the Squadron Supreme. However, the initial iteration of the Squadron involved the key members Hyperion who served as their leader, Nighthawk, Power Princess, Blue Eagle, Haywire, Whizzer, Skymax and Doctor Spectrum. They were pretty much replicas of the Justice League members. For example, Hyperion the all-powerful leader of the Squadron was meant to parallel Superman. Nighthawk on the other hand was industrialist Kyle Richmond who was a billionaire and owned a mansion. He was meant to stand in as the Batman of the MCU. Power Princess was supposed to represent Wonder Woman. Lastly, Golden Archer and Lady Lark were modelled after Green Arrow and Black Canary. Other members include Doctor Decibel, Ape X, Black Archer, Arcanna, Inertia, Lamprey and Moonglow.

Their role in Loki season 2 and alliance with Kang

Squadron Supreme's role in Loki season 2 aiding Kang

Squadron Supreme’s role in Loki season 2

In the Marvel comics, Kang the Conqueror has previously controlled and manipulated the Squadron Supreme using the Grandmaster as his pawn. This could lead the Squadron to the MCU as well as they explore Kang and his mission during the Kang War. They were made to invade and control other worlds in the multiverse. Marvel Studios has been claiming that Kang will pose an even bigger threat than Thanos, and he almost wiped half the universe. So it seems very plausible that Kang will be aided by a team of powerful and might supers who will stand against the Avengers.

This may also fulfill the wishes of all those Marvel fans who have been wishing for a Avengers Vs Justice League movie. However, the rumor regarding Henry Cavill playing Hyperion has quite a few loopholes. Most importantly, it seems unlikely that Henry Cavill would enter the MCU only for a brief role as Hyperion in a series that focusses on a different character altogether. Especially considering he has literally played Hyperion’s inspiration in the form of Superman. Nonetheless, it would still be very cool to see the Squadron in the MCU regardless of the cast.

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