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Who Created The Radioactive Spider That Bit Peter Parker of Earth 616?

By Sumit Sahu
August 8,2022

Marvel intentionally implements some amazing storylines for fans to explore. And one of such amazing detail was noted in Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

Spider-Man Origin Flashback

The Three Spiderman

The Three Spiderman

We all know that Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man was bit by a radioactive spider created by Oscorp Industries. And the case was same as Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. But, there has been no storyline for all the spider-biting plots for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. 

Yes, Tom Holland said in Captain America: Civil War, that since the day that spider bit him, everything was changed. But who created that Spider? Do you think it is Oscorp Industries just like all the other Marvel movies? 

It is NOT!

Stark Industries Created The Radioactive Spider! (Probably)



You remember the scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home when Aunt May gave shelter to Green Goblin, a.k.a Harry Osborn. 

Do you remember what he said? He said, “I went to my home, and someone else was living there. There is no Oscorp here. I am confused.” 

Oscorp Industries do not exist in this timeline of MCU or on Earth 616. So, the spider that bit Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was probably created by one of the greatest laboratories in the entire MCU. 

There are two options, it could either be Wakandan princess Shuri or Billionaire-Philanthropist Tony Stark. 

At that time of the story, when Tom Holland was introduced, Wakanda was a secret country, and they didn’t release any of their technology or experiments to the open world. 

So, it is probably Stark Industries and Tony Stark who created the radioactive spider. And this thought is now connecting the dots on how Tony found it so easy and convenient to get in touch with Peter Parker. 

When Natasha, a.k.a Black Widow, showed a viral video clip of nerd Spider-Man to Tony, they probably knew that this was the kid who got bit by the Spider in Stark labs. Thus, Tony has a soft corner for him, as he believes that with great power, he just exposed a teen kid to a world of dangers. 

How Must Have Peter Parker of Earth 616 Got Bitten By The Stark Lab’s Radioactive Spider?

Radioactive Spider

Radioactive Spider

Peter Parker often discussed with Tony that he used to visit all of Stark Expo events. So, what if, in one of such events, Peter Parker didn’t head back home but broke into Stark laboratories? 

So, the story must have been like this:

Peter enters the Stark Laboratories, and as it is dark, he is slow with his steps. He soon starts to notice a small and tiny cage that is empty. He didn’t care much and moved further to satisfy his curiosity to know what goes on inside Stark laboratories. 

It is the time when the spider swings right from the ceiling and lands on his shoulder without his awareness. It bites Peter’s open arms at the sleeve’s end. Peter shook his hands, and the spider just galloped into the darkness. 

Peter didn’t emphasize it and decided to end his quest of breaking into Stark labs. He says Ned on the earpiece that he is returning as he found nothing cool in here. He says, “No cool stuff, no Iron Man armor, just a stupid spider that bit me for no reason. Maybe Tony Stark should hire someone to clean the cobwebs.” Both laughed, and Peter headed home. 

Later, Stark must have realized that someone had entered the premises and found an empty spider cage. He ran through the cameras, but Peter is a genius beyond time and has Ned, his tech-geek friend, by his side.

The cameras were probably hacked. We have seen Peter and Ned hack the multi-billion Spidey suit. So, this is something you can expect from them. 

The spider was probably in the testing phase, so no one in the laboratory knew what could happen if it bit someone.

Moreover, Tony was unaware of the fact that someone got bit by the radioactive spider. So, he just rested the case as they knew the scientific techniques of attracting the spider back to its cage. And as no important tech was stolen, Tony didn’t stress about it. 

So, this is probably how Tom Holland’s Peter Parker became the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man of Earth 616. 

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