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Who Is Aegon The Conquerer? The Legendary King Hailed In House of The Dragon

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 7,2022

House of the Dragon episode 3 has been released and we see that many years have passed and Queen Alicent gave his husband and the ruler of seven kingdoms his much-awaited heir to the Iron Throne.

The couple named the boy Aegon after the name of the legendary Targareyn King Aegon the Conquerer. But who exactly is Aegon the Conquerer and why he is held to such a high standard among the Targaryen Household?

King Viserys, Lady Alicent, and Aegon II

King Viserys, Lady Alicent, and Aegon II

Let’s find out!

The First Lord of the Seven Kingdoms

Aegon I Targaryen, was the first Targaryen ruler to be called the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, the Protector of the realm, and the first one to sit on the notorious, and cursed Iron Throne.

Aegon had a piercing purple gaze and straight, silvery hair. He was towering and broad-shouldered. His magnetism and authority were undeniable. Blackfyre, a bastard blade forged from Valyrian steel, and a tunic of black scales was his usual combat gear throughout his Conquest. Rather than a traditional crown, he wore a modest Valyrian steel amulet with large square-cut diamonds.

Aegon I Targaryen

Aegon I Targaryen Fanart

Although he was a skilled fighter, the monarch never participated in jousting and instead used his flying friend, Balerion, only for warfare and leisure. For the most part, Aegon trusted his siblings to run the country and only intervened when absolutely required. He was cruel to anyone who dared disobey him but kind to those who submitted.

The Conquest of Seven Kingdoms

It was Aegon I Targaryen who founded the House of Targaryen. During the Struggle of Conquest, the former led an invasion force commanded by the trifecta of his fiery beasts as well as a lesser legion led by his sister-spouse namely Visenya and Rhaenys to conquer and unite the seven Kingdoms.

Dorne was the only region to effectively fight off the blonde Dragonriders with their brilliant warfare strategy, which was first implemented on the orders of Meria Martell, also recognized as The Yellow Toad, and persisted for longer than expected.

The Conquest of Seven Kingdoms

The Conquest of Seven Kingdoms Fanart

Around the year 3 A.C., Aegon once again concentrated his energies on Dorne, the last independent kingdom. Following a year of discussions that had no results, Aegon planned to capture Dorne by military force in an effort to bring it under the dominion of the Iron Throne. A second invasion was undertaken by Aegon in 4 AC, carrying on the Conquest Wars.

Despite what may have appeared like an early victory in the capture of Dorne, things swiftly went south, resulting in the First Dornish War ending up dragging on for a total of nine years and claiming a great many lives along the way. Eventually, after years of war, Dorne finally surrendered and Maron Martell consented to tie the knot with, Daenerys Targaryen, and his sister Myriah Martell wedded King Daeron II Targaryen.

Will Aegon II Grew Up To Be the Ruler of Seven Kingdoms

Prince Aegon II

Prince Aegon II Fanart

Prince Aegon II, who took his moniker after Aegon the Conqueror, will indeed grow up to be the sixth king of the Targaryen dynasty to rule from the Iron Throne. We will be remembered as Aegon the Usurper because he took the kingdom without being designated as his father’s successor yet succeeded in the position.

Rhaenyra, Aegon’s elder half-sister, was chosen for the responsibility, and she has received several pledges of allegiance and protection from nobles and royal knights. But not everyone kept their word, and conflicts in the state grew until a fight for the crown was unavoidable.

Viserys Wished Rhaenyra Sit on The Throne

Prince Aegon II

Prince Aegon II in House of the Dragon Behind the Scenes

Nobles who believed Aegon should succeed to the Iron Throne consented to conceal the knowledge of King Viserys’s demise a mystery for seven days. Since Rhaenyra was expecting in Dragonstone, nothing would interrupt Aegon’s crowning festivities in King’s Landing.

Even while Aegon would later admit that the plurality of the little council was correct in voting to anoint him, he did so at first. Rather, he proposed that Rhaenyra, as the rightful successor, take the throne. When Aegon learned that he and his siblings would be killed if Rhaenyra was anointed queen, he agreed to accept the throne.

Someone from the Kingsguard who sided with Rhaenyra and took the crown from King Viserys ran off to Dragonstone. There she received her own crowning, challenging Aegon’s kingship and setting in motion the bloody conflict known as the Dance of the Dragons.