Who Is Doctor Strange 2’s Minotaur? Marvel’s Rintrah Powers & History

There was a green minotaur named Rintrah in the first Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness trailer. Doctor Strange 2’s inclusion of a Rintrah character toy demonstrates just how strange Marvel films tend to get. He first appeared in Marvel comic books from 1984 to 1995. And after all these years, the character will be making his film debut with Doctor Strange 2.

Films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel and television series like Loki have all explored the idea of going beyond Earth’s borders in the MCU. However, the multiverse’s chaos will bring far-flung alien worlds closer to our own, turning everything we think we know on its head. Some of the strange creatures that have arrived on Earth have been glimpsed in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer. These include a glimpse of a green minotaur.

In other words, who is he, exactly? Rintrah’s role in Doctor Strange 2 is still up in the air, but if he plays a similar role to the one in the comics, he will become an important part of Strange’s life. Rintrah, the Marvel Comics minotaur, has a long history in the Marvel Universe and a wide range of abilities.

Marvel Comics: Rintrah’s Story and History

In 1986, Rintrah made her Marvel Comics debut. Green-furred minotaur was created by Peter B. Gillis and Chris Warner for Doctor Strange, who first appeared as a mystic from another dimension. Enitharmon the Weaver, a wizard from a planet called R’Vaal, was Rintrah’s mentor, which is how he came to know Stephen Strange, who was also a wizard. When he finished repairing it in battle, the master weaver Enitharmon sent Rintrah to return Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation.

Strange was badly injured while fighting a demon sorcerer named Urthona when Rintrah found him. Strange asked Rintrah for permission to use his astral form to take over Rintrah’s body and stop Urthona. He did so because his own body was unable to continue fighting. When Enitharmon had finished teaching Rintrah everything he knew, he sent the minotaur back to Earth to continue his studies under the tutelage of Doctor Strange.

They worked together on a number of missions until Rintrah made a mistake that proved to be fatal. A powerful and evil artifact drained him of his life force as he tried to destroy it.. Strange put Rintrah into a state of suspended animation in a pocket dimension while he searched for a cure to save him. The Marvel Comics character Rintrah hasn’t been seen since then.

Powers of Rintrah Powers Defined!

When it comes to magic, Rintrah has the potential to surpass Doctor Strange in strength. Illusory blasts, levitation, and energy shields are just a few examples of his magical prowess. However, he has also shown an ability to travel between dimensions. Enitharmon and Doctor Strange didn’t impart any of Rintrah’s other abilities. These include telepathy and shapeshifting. Rintrah possesses these abilities because of his R’Vaalian heritage.

Being able to alter his appearance whenever he is on Earth is extremely useful for him, as his true form often frightens humans. When Rintrah sees a person he likes on the street or in a TV show, he can transform into that person. This further allows him to blend in with the crowd. As a result of his large frame, Rintrah has a lot of strength and endurance. When his magic fails, he can use his horns and hooves as weapons. As much as he would prefer to avoid it, he has the option of charging his opponents like a bull.

Who Is Rintrah In Doctor Strange 2?

At this point, it is unclear how significant a role Rintrah will play in Doctor Strange 2 given the film’s already diverse cast and unresolved conflicts. Spider-Man: No Way Home’s events necessitate that Doctor Strange deal with the consequences of tapping into the multiverse. In the trailer, an evil version of Strange and Karl Mordo are among the antagonists to be faced. It was Mordo who lost faith in magic in the post-credits scene of the first Doctor Strange film.

Strange’s encounters with such formidable foes are likely to leave him bruised and battered. This will prompt him to seek help from others like Wanda Maximoff and perhaps even a galaxy away. It’s possible that Strange uses information from the Sanctum Sanctorum to locate Rintrah and his teacher in Doctor Strange 2 for the same purpose as he did in the comics.

Rintrah and Enitharmon the Weaver may also be aware of the Earth’s current turmoil and attempt to help. If the multiverse is messed with, powerful sorcerers elsewhere in the cosmos might want to help contain it. Alternatively, Rintrah could have been brought to Earth by the MCU’s multiverse unraveling, as so many other beings have been. In Doctor Strange 2, Rintrah is likely to ask to become Strange’s apprentice. This will be similar to how he does in the comics, regardless of how the two meet. Doctor Strange’s magic is so impressive that it’s only natural that someone who wants to learn how to use it would seek out his guidance.