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Who Is King Viserys I? Does He Fears War Or Loves Peace?

By Sumit Sahu
August 31,2022

King Viserys I is the fifth Targaryen king who sat on the Iron Throne and rules the seven kingdoms. As per the book, his ruling reigned from 103AC to 129AC. He was the successor to his grandfather, Old King Jaehaerys Targaryen. King Viserys I was son to Baelon Targaryen.

Baelon Targaryen died was chosen as the rightful heir to Jaehaerys I Targaryen to take over the succession. But he died before the Old King, which again questioned the succession of throne. Rhaenys Targaryen and Viserys Targaryen were the candidates to take over the throne’s succession.

Rhaenys’s claimant was based on her father, Aemon Targaryen, who was third son of Old King Jaehaerys I. But as there was a rule back then that no woman can sit on the Iron Throne, King Viserys I became the successor to Old King.

After Rhaenyra was selected as the heir to King Viserys, and later we saw Cersei and Daenerys sit on the Iron Throne, we already know that things are about to change soon.

The Character Of King Viserys I



In 2 hours and 2 episodes of House of the Dragon, we have seen how King Viserys I is always trying to avoid war to maximum possible extent. He doesn’t want anyone rebelling against the throne or his reign.

He banished his brother Daemon Targaryen from his duties without imposing any strict punishment on him. It is because he didn’t wanted violence to be the only resort to all the problems.

Later in the second episode when Lord Corlys came up with a news about crab feeders, destroying Targaryen ships and killing the sailors, King was very peaceful about handling this problem. He said, he doesn’t want to wage war on free states. Lord Corlys insisted that this not the right solution as slowly and steadily the crab feeders are gaining strength and thinking of the Targaryens as weak.

But, the King was firm on his decision to not wage war, and was willing to compensate Lord Corlys for the loss of his ships and people. Even though Rhaenyra suggested to ride dragons and end these merciless killings, King Viserys I drove her away to select the new member of King’s Guard.

Rhaenyra proved her quality of being the rightful heir and taking the right decision as per the need of the situation. But King Viserys I has been observed to be pulling himself back from every situation. The only decision he has taken so far in the series, is to marry Alicent Hightower, instead of going along with political pressure of marrying the daughter of Lord Corlys.

Even with King Viserys’s nobility and effortful approaches towards maintaining peace, the throne is going to break apart this empire and put an end to the Targaryen dynasty.

Targaryen Dynasty At The Edge Of An Collapse

Targaryen Family Tree

Targaryen Family Tree

King Jaehaerys ruled the seven kingdoms peacefully for 60 years. But, in the situation where his succession was in question, he predicted that the Targaryen dynasty will fall if there comes any conflict in winning over the Iron Throne.

Even with thoughtful decisions, Targaryen dynasty is now experiencing corruption from within with dirty politics. All sorts of politics is to deny the acceptance of Rhaenyra as the successor to King Viserys. Rhaenyra is the first born child of King Viserys, and she has been chosen as the heir to Iron Throne, after Daemon was exiled for his arrogant behaviours. Even the council members have suggested that the traditions only exist because no one ever intended to change them.

Rhaenyra is the heir and will always be. But after Aegon II is born, dirty politics will be on peak and Rhaenyra will have to fight her way to the Iron Throne. And this is supposedly going to wage war against the kingdom.

King Viserys’s Love For Rhaenyra Is Inevitable

Viserys and Rhaenyra

Viserys and Rhaenyra

The relation between Alicent and Rhaenyra was disrupted after Aegon was born. Alicent gave birth to two sons or male heirs, which made her feel and live with pride. She tried to convince King Viserys to appoint her son as the successor and rightful heir to Iron Throne.

But, King Viserys I was adamant on his decision and did nothing to change his succession order. It is because he is pretty sure that he has already dealt with the matter by naming Rhaenyra, his first born, in his will.

As a result, Otto Hightower, father to Alicent Hightower tried to bend King Viserys by his words and hector him to make Aegon as the successor to him. King Viserys was still rigid on his decision and sent Otto Hightower back to Oldtown and deprived him of his duty as Hand of the King.

After that, Lyonel Strong takes over the position of Hand of the King, who was the Lord of Harrenhal. Later in the books, Rhaenyra and her supporters got the label as ‘blacks’, whereas Alicent and her supporters got the label as the ‘greens’. It is because, once in a court discussion, Alicent was wearing a green gown to celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary with Viserys, whereas Rhaenyra was wearing a red-black outfit.

Hence, the titles were to address the future conflicts between them. Viserys was not in favor of any kind of conflicts for which he made many attempts to cease hostilities between both of them. There were many fights and many false apologies from both sides, but the feeling deep within was always the same.

Viserys loved his daughter as well as his wife, and didn’t wanted to be in a situation where he has to choose between them.

So, if it is a question that whether King Viserys I fears war or loves peace, then it is evident that he loves peace and wants to cherish it at all times.