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Who Is “Love” And What’s Her Powers In The Marvel Universe

By Ganesh K
July 20,2022

In the final act of Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder movie, Gorr wishes back his daughter to life.

Love showcased her powers by shooting lasers from her eyes and she also wields Thor’s Stormbreaker.

Gorr And Eternity

Gorr And Eternity


While She is reincarnated from Eternity himself, we can able to see a part of Eternity in her reflection.

This makes her one of the most powerful characters existing in the Marvel Universe.

“Love” In Marvel

Even though they never showed Love’s powers and abilities much in the movie, we can see some possibilities of who she is in the MCU.

However, this character Love can be introduced as “Moon Dragon” in the Marvel Universe.

In the comics, Moon Dragon is the daughter of Drax the destroyer and she was raised among the monks of Titan.

She has a powerful telepath ability and her mind is psychically linked with a dark dragon which gave her dark powers.

Moon Dragon

Moon Dragon

While Love has some similarity and some hints in the movie which links with this Moon Dragon character.

Although, they both wear green color costumes and also have some hints like Love playing with a dragon toy.

And with her purple laser blast from her eyes links to the darker side of Moon Dragon.

Reincarnated from Eternity

When Love is reincarnated from Eternity and her reflection in the water shows similarly to Eternity.

In the Marvel comics, there is a character called Singularity who is created from Eternity.

However, the cosmic character Singularity first appeared in the sky during the multiverse collapse in Secret Wars.

And Marvel Studios also heading towards the Secret Wars storyline which makes this theory even more possible.



While Singularity is a sentient quantum being portrayed in the form of a small girl similar to Love.

Love can be introduced as Singularity in the Marvel universe, who has all sorts of God-level powers.

Besides having a pocket universe of her own and she can teleport people across the multiverse.

And she also can fly, shield, and even travel through time and space.

These possibilities make her character a perfect candidate for joining the Young Avengers in the Marvel Universe.

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