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Who Is Melvin Potter, Daredevil’s Previous Super Suit Designer?

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 24,2022

Daredevil will be appearing in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law sometime in the near future. The MCU has already teased the new suit for Daredevil and it’s yellow in color instead of his signature red. Before this new suit came into play, his previous designer was a guy named Melvin Potter. Fans who have watched the Netflix series Daredevil will know Melvin Potter from the show. So let us explore this character in a little more detail.

Luke Jacobson designs Daredevil’s new suit 

Daredevil's Helmet in She-Hulk

Daredevil’s Helmet in She-Hulk

Daredevil’s new yellow suit has been teased in She-Hulk episode 5. In the episode She-Hulk goes to Luke Jacobson, the exclusive superhero designer, to get a more form-fitting and fashionable suit. While she was trying on the suit and a special superhero outfit that Luke had prepared, we get a shot of Daredevil’s new yellow helmet. Luke Jacobson even harps on his assistant about client confidentiality. So clearly Daredevil has found a new fashion designer in Luke Jacobson.

Who is Melvin Potter, Daredevil’s previous designer from the Netflix series

Melvin Potter meets a masked Daredevil

Melvin Potter meets a masked Daredevil

Melvin Potter is an amazing but mentally impaired fashion designer. His story started in jail where he was incarcerated. And that’s how he met his future girlfriend and parole officer, Betsy Beatty. Melvin started off aiding criminals. He began working for Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin as his designer. In fact he created several armors and protective suits for Fisk. However, Melvin was a good man and wanted to protect Betsy at all costs. So he switched sides when given the opportunity by Daredevil. Daredevil approached him in his workshop when he learned that Melvin was the one making the armors for Fisk and they got into a fight. Once Matt defeated him, Melvin broke down and told him how Fisk forced him to work their. He even told Daredevil that Fisk would try and hurt Betsy and him if he didn’t follow his orders. Eventually Daredevil decided to ask Melvin to create a suit for him in exchange for protection to both him and Betsy.

The design of Daredevil’s suit

Daredevil's suit made by Melvin Potter in the Netflix series

Daredevil’s suit made by Melvin Potter in the Netflix series

So that’s exactly what Melvin Potter did. He created a symbolic suit inspired by the devil in red and black. The black parts were upgraded armor that would provide him the most protection. Melvin made the suit more resistant against knives and bullets. Potter also upgraded his helmet and made a new one out of carbon tube after a fight with the Punisher had severely damaged the previous one. He also made him gloves out of reinforced alloys. Potter specially created and designed Daredevil’s signature weapon the Billy Club. When Elektra joined Daredevil in his crime fighting missions, Melvin gave her body armor as well.

Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin gets Potter to make armors and suits for him

Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin gets Potter to make armors and suits for him

Then came the twist. Kingpin managed to get his hand on Melvin Potter. Potter tried to burn down his workshop so that Fisk would not acquire the suits he had made. However, his plan failed. Wilson Fisk created a new workshop to get Melvin to work for him. When Melvin still refused, Fisk threatened Betsy. Naturally, Potter succumbed to his wishes and created a second Daredevil suit, an exact replica of the one worn by Matt Murdock. He even recreated the Billy Clubs. This suit was then given to Pointdexter in an effort by Kingpin to frame Daredevil.

Melvin from Marvel comics

The Gladiator vs Daredevil in Marvel comics

The Gladiator vs Daredevil in Marvel comics

In the comics however, Melvin Potter was a completely different man. He was better known as the Gladiator and had an intense grudge against superheroes. He was quite the villain and costume designer too. The Gladiator butted heads with Daredevil on multiple occasions and tried to kill him several times. Naturally he did not succeed despite even teaming up with a bunch of villains from Emissaries of Evil led by Electro. Daredevil always came out on top. This version of Melvin Potter was also coerced by Kingpin to create a Daredevil suit for him. Eventually Potter went insane. He was driven mad by the rage to extract revenge for his family’s death and had to be admitted to the Stillman Psychiatric Hospital.

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