Who Is Red Dagger In Ms. Marvel Episode 4 And His Origin Explained

In episode 4 of the Ms. Marvel series, they have introduced a new character called “The Red Dagger”.

A short recap of the episode, Kamala and her mother arrived in Pakistan to meet Sana (Kamala’s grandmother).

Then to discover the mystery about the bangle’s vision of the train, Kamala visits Karachi railway station.

Ms. Marvel

And there she had a duel with the Red Dagger and later learning about Aisha as they both went to a secret hideout.

There Kamala met Waleed’s character and learns more about her powers, Aisha, and the different dimensions.

Red Dagger In Ms. Marvel

In the series Ms. Marvel, the Red Dagger is a Mantle that many specific people carry for a long time in the MCU.

While they changed it slightly from the comics about the Red Dagger being a vigilante to a group of people.

Red dagger Ms Marvel

The Red Dagger is a Pakistani superhero / Vigilante, he doesn’t have any kind of superpowers except his knife-throwing skills.

And one of the Red Dagger Waleed takes on the members of the Clandestines all by himself initially.

Later in the episode, Waleed was killed by Najma but before that, he took out one of the Clandestines members.

Red Dagger Origin

Kareem aka The Red Dagger first appeared in the comics Ms. Marvel volume 4 issue #12.

This is similar to the storyline of Ms. Marvel episode 4 when Kamala came to Karachi to learn more about the bangle’s vision.

In the comics, Kareem’s mother and Kamala’s mother grew up together, so he was a friend of the family.

And then Kareem met Kamala when she traveled to Karachi, Pakistan to meet her Grandmother.


But they later crossed paths with each other as the Red Dagger and Ms. Marvel to stop a water cartel gang.

After that encounter, both joined together to stop a train in New Jersey, Kareem was sent to the US as an exchange student.

In the end, Kareem went back to Pakistan and protected the people as Red Dagger and Ms. Marvel stayed in New Jersey.

We should wait and see how they are going to play with the Red Dagger character in the MCU.