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Who Is The Eternity And His Powers In The MCU

By Ganesh K
July 12,2022

Marvel Studios slowly moving toward the cosmic side with the introduction of Eternity, who is a higher cosmic being in the MCU.

However, Marvel had already teased about the higher cosmic beings like Eternity in the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

And Eternity made his first appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder movie, with a different origin apart from the comics.



In the movie, Eternity is a very powerful cosmic being at the center of the universe.

And it will grant a wish of the first person who reaches it. Gorr the God Butcher reaches it and wishes his daughter resurrected to life.

Eternity Origin In Comics

In the comics, Eternity first appeared in the Strange Tales, issue 138 in September of 1965.

And his origin goes back to the origin of the Marvel Universe itself, the time before the Marvel multi-verse there existed one sentient universe.

Which is mostly composed of a being called the First Firmament and after being lonely for some time, he created some companions.

First Firmament

First Firmament

Then some companions turned against the First Firmament who are the Celestials and ended up destroying the first universe.

Although some companions managed to flee the first universe along with the First Firmament.

And the shards of the first universe became the Marvel multi-verse with the force behind the creation being Eternity.

Powers And Abilities

While Eternity is the living embodiment of all that is inside the Marvel Universe, he’s subsequently died and been reborn several times.

And every universe has its version of him to protect everything in that universe.

The higher cosmic being has endless powers but with no physical form, he often uses a male avatar to communicate.



Although, he is not as powerful as the Living Tribunal but more powerful than the other higher cosmic beings in the MCU.

And he has complete mastery over time, space, matter, and energy and he can manipulate reality.

His powers are so vast which makes him omnipotent and he is also able to impute others with cosmic awareness.

However, Marvel is moving forward toward the Secret Wars storyline, we can see more about Eternity and other cosmic beings.

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