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Who Is World Breaker Hulk? Hulk’s Strongest Variant So Far

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 27,2022

By any measure, the Hulk is not only among the most loved but also one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel Comics. Bruce Banner, the character’s namesake, was designed by Stan Lee as well as Jack Kirby in 1962. He became the Hulk after being exposed to highly dangerous gamma radiation. The Green Giant has since appeared in countless issues, animated shows, a live-action TV series, and multiple feature films, both alone and in tandem with the Avengers.

Hulk has many forms but do you know who is the strongest of them all? It’s no doubt the World-Breaker Hulk. In this piece, we’ll talk extensively about World Breaker Hulk. We’ll talk about where he came from, what gave him his ability, and what he accomplished. Therefore, let’s not dally and get started.

 World Breaker Hulk

World Breaker Hulk in Marvel Comics

First, let’s do a brief synopsis of the World War Hulk saga that explains how Hulk evolved into the World Breaker Hulk.

World Breaker Hulk Origin

The Hulk who would eventually become known as World Breaker debuted in the comic book series World War Hulk. It all began in the Planet Hulk arc, which took place prior to the happenings of World War Hulk when the Illuminati felt that the green-giant posed a serious danger to mankind.  Professor X, Iron Man, Namor, Black Bolt, and Dr. Strange are just a few of the heroes that make up the Illuminati. They got together behind closed doors to talk about the preventative measures they may take in advance to avert potentially catastrophic outcomes.

The Illuminati in marvel comics

The Illuminati in marvel comics

Hulk was a major worry for them and one of the issues they had to deal with. Despite the fact that Banner was an essential colleague and a close companion to many of them. The Hulk posed a genuine danger and has shown to be tough to rein in on several occasions. He’s murdered thousands before and is capable of doing it again. And it would be no surprise if he destroyed at least a few cities in the process.

All of the Illuminati’s efforts, including arguing with Bruce, urging him to meditate, dealing with him forcefully, and even isolating him, were fruitless. The Illuminati gave up on him and sent him out into the cosmos with a good luck message, hoping that he would be able to solve his problems elsewhere.

Hulk In Sakaar

The Hulk on Planet Sakaar

The Hulk on Planet Sakaar

Hulk’s spacecraft was launched into space but was thrown off track by the monster, eventually crashing on the planet Sakaar. As a civilization reminiscent of the Gladiator genre, Sakaar provided the Green Monster with free property.

Just Joking! He was really coerced into participating in arena fights by Red King, the despotic dictator of the continent Sakaar. And then, much like in “Thor: Ragnarok,” he plunges himself into combat. As time goes on, Hulk gathers a group of soldiers together to help him in his quest to depose Red King. They are ultimately successful, and Hulk assumes power on Sakaar. Eventually, he weds Caiera, and the couple starts a family.

The Hulk and Caiera

The Hulk and Caiera

Tragic events befell Hulk after he had achieved solace on Sakaar. His expectant wife and their children, along with everyone else in the world, were killed when the warp core of a spacecraft arrived in a burst. Because of this occurrence, Hulk ingested all of the planet’s energy, especially the Old Power that coursed through the planet, and that Caiera could use to increase her abilities. That set off Hulk like never before.

A Ride Back To Earth

Hulk then swore vengeance on Earth’s mightiest superheroes, holding them responsible for the deaths of his loved ones and the destruction of the world where he at least found peace. That’s the gist of the World War Hulk plot. First, Hulk tries to find Charles Xavier, who was not present at the choice to ship him off-world. Professor Xavier informs the green giant that he, too, would have aligned with the original judgment.

Banner then takes on and destroys multiple squads of X-Men, however after knowing about M-Day, he quits, reasoning that Xavier has endured enough. He then travels to Manhattan, where he destroys the Stark Tower after defeating several superheroes, including the Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Doc Samsons, Storm, Black Panther, and Iron Man. The struggle continues, as he vanquishes more characters.

World Breaker Hulk

World Breaker Hulk

This is but a taste of the chaos he caused upon his arrival on the planet. It’s also important to remember that Namor voted against evacuating the Hulk from Earth since he knew the avenger would return for payback. He was spared the fury of the Hulk as a consequence.

How Strong is World Breaker Hulk

The World-Breaker possesses extraordinary catastrophic power, including the ability to trample and cause earthquakes over whole countries and worlds. Because he builds up and emits the radiation he received by just being, he may be a murderer without even having to move. The World-Break was so powerful that he was physically rattling the Earth’s core without even recognizing it.

Even a mere stare-down with the Fantastic Four or the Avengers was enough to set the world-shaking, and we witnessed this impact play out when he met them. The World-Breaker Hulk was more formidable than all his other variants combined, and with his brain still alive and amplified, he constituted the most formidable Hulk the Marvel Universe has ever seen. When the Incredible Hulk finally got back to his home, he found that a storm of destructive radiation had rushed through the city, destroying everything in its path.

Hulk’s fury drives him to discharge so much power that the ground shakes all the way from Connecticut to Massachusetts to New York with every stride he takes. He screamed his wrath and fury at the superheroes, pleading for them to halt him before he shatters the planet. Iron Man summons anti-gamma beams stationed in space, which put a stop to the Hulk’s fury after it had already lasted for quite some time. This finally leads to Bruce Banner’s detention. Now (Banner) is in a catatonic condition, imprisoned three miles under the surface of the Earth.

Everyone Bend The Knee

In his World-Breaking form, Banner was easily able to defeat the strongest being in Marvel Universe. Yes! I’m talking to none other than Sentry. In spite of Robert Reynolds knocking Bruce out with a single blow, Banner was able to revert to his World-Breaker state and save Rick Jones. As with the rest of the explosions, Banner assimilated them and sent them back towards Fin Fang Foom. He almost wrecked a world in the Dark Dimension and knocked out Jen Walters, so it was clear he was worthy of his moniker.

World Breaker Hulk Fighting Sentry

World Breaker Hulk Fighting Sentry

He made everyone bend the knee from Iron Man to Ghost Rider, and even the mightiest Dr. Stevan Strange. Although his entire fury and strength have not been put to the ultimate test, it appears that there is no weapon or man that can match the World-Breaker Hulk’s wrath.

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