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Who Will Ride Laena Velaryon’s Dragon Vhagar Now?

By Sumit Sahu
September 26,2022

Daemon and Laena were parents to Baela and Rhaena Targaryen. Baela was the older daughter and shared a good bond with her father. Rhaena on the other hand confessed in House of the Dragon episode 6 that Daemon ignores her. It is probably because she was the second daughter, where Daemon expected a son.

Keeping that aside, Rhaena’s dragon egg wasn’t hatching for a long time. Laena confronted that half of the dragon eggs do not even hatch. Rhaena believed that if she has no dragon, then she will not be respected by her close ones. But Laena explained to her that, she doesn’t need to have a hatched egg for being a dragon rider. She can ride the dragon and make a bond with one, at the right time.

She explained her story of how she rode the dragon when she was 15 and had no dragon before that. And this was the part where we saw Rhaena pretty much convinced by her mother’s words.

Who Will Ride Vhagar Now?

Vhagar The She-Dragon

Vhagar The She-Dragon

After the tragic death of Laena Velaryon by the breath of Vhagar, it is a question that every House of the Dragon fan intends to know. Vhagar is the biggest dragon of the era in the House of the Dragon series, and Laena has confirmed that as well. We saw a glimpse of Vhagar’s face, which was humongous and fierce. Laena asked Vhagar to kill her, and Vhagar now remains free of a rider.

Rhaena Targaryen is the one in Daemon’s family who is without a dragon now. And probably, she is going to take the mantle of her mother and ride Vhagar. It will be a thrilling scene to watch where Rhaena will bond with Vhagar. It is because dragons are entitled to one master and don’t take command from anyone else. We have seen since the time of Game of Thrones, that dragons have emotions.

And Vhagar, being in the guilt of having to kill her own master, might reject the idea of accepting anyone else as her rider. So, we are definitely looking forward to how Rhaena will bond with Vhagar and keep the biggest dragon of all times, active in the storyline.

The Second Guess!

If not Rhaena, then the next probable candidate who would be fit for Vhagar is Aemond Targaryen, son of King Viserys I and Alicent Hightower. We have seen Aemond struggling to bond with his brothers because his dragon egg didn’t hatch. So, this is how he ended up without a dragon! Probably, Vhagar is going to return to Westeros, and wait till the time she gets a new master.

Aemond has the urge to visit the dragon caves, and probably we might see him interact with Vhagar and even be her new master! It all depends on the next episode to give us what we seek to watch. Aemond having the biggest dragon among all of his brothers will definitely be a spectacle to wait for.