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Who’s Otto Hightower’s Messenger In House Of The Dragon Ep. 4?

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 12,2022

House of the Dragon episode 4 has quite a few scandalous moments. It has some terrible revelations that cause grave consequences for the Targaryen family members. The episode also witnessed the fall of Otto Hightower. He was relieved of his duty as the Hand of the King by Viserys himself. Another character was witnessed though only for a brief few seconds. We are talking about the messenger boy who reveals Daemon and Rhaenyra’s coupling at the brothel on the Silk Streets to Otto Hightower. So who exactly is this boy and how is he related to the White Worm?

Otto Hightower’s young messenger

Otto Hightower takes the White Worm message to King Viserys in House of the Dragon

Otto Hightower takes the White Worm’s message to King Viserys in House of the Dragon

In the recent episode of House of the Dragon, we saw Daemon take Rhaenyra to the Streets of Silk where they shared an intimate moment. The show finally depicted the incest that we all knew was coming however it did not go all the way. In fact, Daemon abandoned Rhaenyra after kissing her and mostly disrobing her. After he left, Rhaenyra was recognized by a young boy who rushed off to the Red Keep and reported his findings to the Hand of the King, Otto Hightower. As Otto was summoned to the front gates, the guards informed him that the messenger had brought information from the White Worm. We next see this boy approach Mysaria as she converses with a wasted and hungover Daemon. He hands her a few coins.

Who is the White Worm referenced in the episode

Lady Mysaria in House of the Dragon

Lady Mysaria in House of the Dragon

Fans of the books will already know that the White Worm is not actually a new character. In fact it is just another name for Lady Mysaria herself. She was called the White Worm as she had skin that was pale as milk. She is the mistress of whisperers. It is her that the young boy reported to and it can be assumed that Mysaria herself put him up to it.

As we can see, Daemon and Mysaria are no longer together. This is especially after the happenings of episode 2 where he lied about their marriage and unborn child. Moreover, there seems to be some animosity between them. As can be seen, during their conversation Daemon even refers to her as a common whore. This could very well mean that she orchestrated the rumor to somehow hurt Daemon and get him banished from King’s Landing once more. As for the coins, Otto Hightower most likely paid the young boy for his duty and valuable information and gave him the payment for the White Worm. The boy then went and relayed the same to Mysaria.

It looks like Mysaria is becoming an important player in House of the Dragon much sooner than anticipated. She is no more a prostitute and has now taken a new profession of espionage. In fact, she seems to have developed quite an extensive network of child spies throughout King’s Landing. She offers offers espionage services in exchange for money. This would also mean that King Viserys’ accusation of Otto having Princess Rhaenyra followed is true. Clearly, the show is picking up the pace and Mysaria will be another character to watch out for.

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