Why Calebrimbor Wanted To Construct A Tower In Rings of Power?

The Lord of the Rings: Rings has been released and it’s taking over the internet by storm. There are many new faces, countless new mysteries,

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 11,2022
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The Lord of the Rings: Rings has been released and it’s taking over the internet by storm. There are many new faces, countless new mysteries, and a brand new mysterious villain. But the question that has been plaguing the mind of fans was why the legendary Elvin Smith wanted to construct a forge tower. His motivation was to build this tall tower just for fun, to eavesdrop, or for some other purpose.

Elrond and Calebrimbor
Elrond and Calebrimbor meeting in Rings of Power

Let’s find out.

Gil-galad Believed All Evil Had Perished 

Despite Galadriel’s repeated reiteration that corruption did exist, High King Gil-galad fiercely clung to the belief that there was none. Elrond recognized that Galadriel was not someone who would behave stupendously and that there was almost certainly some reality to what has been found in her century-long quest, however, Elrond was left with no choice but to obey his King.

Earlier, Gil-Gilad has spoken with Elrond and admonished him of his responsibilities. He had advised Elrond that it would be ideal for both Galadriel and Middle-earth if she were to go to Valinor, the eternal kingdom. From the get-go, Elrond is honest with him about the fact that he is unsure whether or not he made the correct choice. He put Galadriel’s needs above his own when he made the decision to put duty ahead of friendship.

High King Gil-Gilad
High King Gil-Gilad in Rings of power

Gil-galad arranged for Elrond to speak with the finest living Elvin smith also referred to as Calebrimbor. It was clear from the start that Celebrimbor was no commoner. Elrond has always been impressed by his skill and creativity.

The High King informed Elrond that the renowned craftsman Celebrimbor was about to begin a new endeavor and asked for Elrond’s help.

Calebrimbor Wanted His Name Etched In History Like Feanor

Calebrimbor in Rings of Power

Elrond accompanied the latter to Eregion. Celebrimbor said he aspired to make such an impression and provide such significance that his legacy would be immortalized alongside that of the mighty Feanor. Feanor had fashioned the silmarils, a kind of gem so beautiful that even the Dark Lord Morgoth was fascinated by them.

And Celebrimbor wasn’t content to stop at gem making. He aimed to create things formidable. He understood what he wished, but how to get there was a mystery to him. As such, he sought Elrond’s assistance in building a tower capable of housing a forge with fire as bright as heaven and as ferocious as a dragon’s mouth.

Calebrimbor's Plan
Calebrimbor’s Plan to Build a Tower

If successful, the forge might produce a wonder unparalleled in the history of the universe. The legendry claims that the structure and the wonders he can make there will allow them to change Middle-earth. Celebrimbor thought this wasn’t difficult enough, so he tacked on another catch. He hoped to finish it by the following spring.

They estimated that they would need a larger labor pool than they had at their disposal. The idea came to Elrond. He planned to approach his old buddy who also happens to be the prince of  Dwarven Realm, and any fan of the series would know that dwarves are expert workers and forgers.