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Why Dane Whitman Was Warned About Using The Ebony Blade

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 7,2022

Dane Whitman was about to pick up the Ebony Blade when a voice cameo from Mahershala Ali’s Blade warned him against it during the post-credit scene for Marvel Studios’ Eternals. A dozen new characters were introduced in Eternals, who saved the entire planet from destruction by thwarting the Celestial emergence.

There were mixed reviews for Chlo√© Zhao’s Eternals. This made it the first MCU film to receive an “R” from Rotten Tomatoes. As a result, the film’s two credits scenes were able to redeem some of its shortcomings.

The Effect Of Blade’s Cameo


Dane Whitman almost touching the Ebony Blade

The first stinger introduced Harry Styles’ Starfox, Prince of Titan and brother of Thanos. Consequently, the existence of Eternals on other planets was affirmed. This ancient and mystical sword has been passed down through generations of the Whitman family tree. The second credits scene hinted at Dane Whitman’s potential role as Black Knight in the MCU.

Mahershala Ali’s voice cameo as Blade, the vampire hunter, was the most surprising revelation of all. He questions Whitman, asking if he is prepared for what will happen to him, should he pick it up, about the perils of the Ebony Blade. This is because wielding the Ebony Blade has dark consequences. If Whitman hadn’t known what he was getting into, he probably would have picked up the Ebony Blade and become a victim of the blade’s worst effects.

Dane Whitman With The Ebony Blade

Blade And Black Knight

Blade And Black Knight

While Thor’s Mjolnir is the most salient in the hands of the pure of heart, the Ebony Blade is its antithesis. Nathan Garrett, Dane’s uncle in the Marvel Comics universe, was the Black Knight before Dane. Dane Whitman’s Black Knight history is littered with instances where he succumbs to the Ebony Blade’s powers and loses control. In Blade’s mind, the Ebony Blade’s lore and the grave consequences that come with using it are well-understood. He will likely share this wisdom with Dane before he becomes the Black Knight.

The Ebony Blade is cursed. Nonetheless, despite Dane Whitman being warned, he is likely to use it, assuming the role of the MCU’s Black Knight. Kit Harrington is almost certain to reprise his role as Dane Whitman alongside Mahershala Ali in the upcoming Blade solo film. This is so given that Blade will aid in his control of the Ebony Blade. The Midnight Sons could emerge in the MCU as a result of this event. This darker Avengers group will be the one that deals primarily with mystical threats. There was not much in Eternals to lay the groundwork for what will come after it concludes its two post-credit scenes. The second scene in particular has given fans plenty to anticipate.

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