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Why Doctor Strange Was So Weak At The Beginning of Infinity War

By Kunal Sharma
March 19,2021

Doctor Strange was a crucial element in the road to defeating Thanos. After all, it was his actions that brought home everyone 5 years later. But many fans have noted that he seemed weak when Infinity War was going on. After all, he was pretty easily captured by Ebony Maw while in New York. So it made us wonder- why did Doctor Strange look so weak during Infinity War and it looks like we have found the answer. 

Was Doctor Strange Look Weak In Avengers: Infinity War?

Fans must remember that Doctor Strange became a sorcerer just two years ago and it was only because a dangerous accident left him being unable to go back to his original profession as a neurosurgeon. After that, he sought out mystical ways to heal his broken body and that is when he became a magician and was the successor of The Ancient One. 

Doctor Strange And Ebony Maw

Doctor Strange And Ebony Maw

Right now, it’s not known what exactly he was doing after defeating Dormammu and the Black Order in New York. But since he was a fast learner, or so it seemed in Doctor Strange so it makes sense to assume he would be better equipped to deal with future battles with The Avengers. 

But his powers fluctuated a lot in Infinity War as he was caught by Maw at the beginning and he would definitely have died if not for Spiderman and Iron man coming to rescue him. However, when he faced Thanos in the Titan battleground he was able to face him pretty well. After all, he and Thor were the only ones who forced him to use the Soul Stone. 

Why Was Doctor Strange Look Weak In Avengers: Infinity War?

If you look closely then it’s less the fact that Strange has inconsistent power levels and more the fact that his circumstances changed. After all, before his aim was to keep the Time Stone away from any greedy and dangerous people. After all, it was the main power source for him and he was definitely willing to die for this aim. So he defended the stone more carefully and used calculated moves.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

But on Titan, after he looked at the millions of possible futures, he found that the best way to win would be to give the Time stone intentionally and embrace defeat for then. So once he was secure in this knowledge he was able to fight Thanos freely and without worrying about losing the Stone. Also, it’s possible that he used his fight with Thanos for practising new moves. So it wasn’t a plot hole that Doctor Strange looked weak in Infinity War, just that he knew what was going to happen in the future. 


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