Why Doctor Strange’s What If Episode Is So Important To the Show Marvel Actor Reveals

It has been quite some time since the Disney+ show Loki ended. The show changed MCU forever by introducing the multiverse. Now, next up on Marvel’s list is the animated What If…? series. A trailer has been released of the show that it is all set to explore the critical moments and events of the MCU as they happened in alternate timelines.

Viewers will be able to see everything from Captain Carter to even a zombie apocalypse. The sky is truly the limit with this series. As such, it’s a great playground for Marvel. But what’s more important is that now thanks to Loki, these alternate timelines can crossover with the main MCU timeline.

Thankfully, it looks like fans don’t have to wait too long to see this. Right now, it looks like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will explore this multiversal crossover in better detail. The movie is set to arrive in theaters next March.

It’s being said that one of the characters from the What If…? show that will be showing up in the live-action soon (perhaps even in the Doctor Strange 2 movie itself) is Jeffrey Wright’s Uatu The Watcher. Uatu is a powerful cosmic level being whose purpose is to just watch and look over the major events of the universe.


As such, it’s pretty much set in stone that he will be showing up in other live-action MCU content. Recently, Jeffrey Wright sat down and talked about the debut of the character he is playing in the MCU.

Jeffrey Wright Talks About The Watcher Episode Everyone Should Watch

The Watcher voiced by Jeffrey Wright in What If…?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jeffrey Wright talked about his mysterious character, called The Watcher from the upcoming Marvel animated show titled What If…?

The actor mentioned that he was surprised by The Doctor Strange episode on the show. Also, Wright mentioned that he and The Watcher look at things from quite a similar perspective. Here’s his full quote on the matter:

“I was really taken by the Doctor Strange episode, which you will see when you get there. For some reason, it just really pulled at my emotions. [Laughs] And as well, it becomes a story of interest to The Watcher too, so in that way, we kind of see things from a similar perspective. So yeah, check out the Doctor Strange one when it comes. When you land on that one, you’ll land in a place where I sat up even further in my seat.”

This isn’t the only time he talked about the Doctor Strange episode.
In another interview with ET Online, Wright noted that the Doctor Strange episode hit him hard. But he also said that apart from that, he was excited to see how Chadwick’s T’Challa episode went.
Here’s his quote:

“Well, I haven’t seen everything just yet. I’m excited for them to see that episode with Chadwick. And personally, I was blown over by the Doctor Strange episode, which just hit me like somewhere very central to me. As well, The Watcher takes a very peculiar interest in that story too. He and I have a common perspective on certain things. It’s got all of the magic, and it’s got all of the colors and the excitement, but there’s a moral thread to it and lessons to be learned within that I found really riveting and relevant.”

The Watcher Will Probably Interfere In The Events

The Watcher in Marvel comics

It’s interesting to hear Jeffrey Weight say again and again that The Watcher has taken a particular interest in Doctor Strange. Does it mean that The Watcher will break his oath and actually interfere in the events?

Wright says that The Watcher is just doing his best. He also says that there are “forces that pull us back in.” And at the end, he says “we’ll see.”

Here’s his full quote:

“Are you going to make The Watcher out to be a liar right out of the gate? [Laughs] He’s doing his best! I kind of understand that. He’s looking at humans, and he’s looking at these other than human characters, he’s watching everything they do, and he’s kind of making the decision, ‘I’d rather just lay back and stay out of all that mess.’ I understand that, but then at the same time, there are forces that pull us back in. So, we’ll see. We’ll see.”

When asked about his inspiration when coming up with The Watcher’s voice, Wright said that “some of the visuals that they would show [him],” as well as the “really dense and edgy and cinematic” animation helped him create the voice.

Why Is The Doctor Strange Episode So Important?

Doctor Strange in What If…?

It’s just speculation right now, but the episode that Jeffrey Wright is talking about could be the one that sees Doctor Strange go down a very dark path after he faces a tragedy. The fact that Stephen Strange eventually chose the name Doctor Strange Supreme does mean that he might have taken some notes from Kaecillius.

Regarding The Watcher, it’s obvious right now that Uatu is definitely going to interfere at some point. But that’s not new for the character. The Watcher has interfered multiple times in the comics. In fact, he has helped groups like the Fantastic Four before too.

Right now, we don’t know what role The Watcher will play in the larger MCU. He might warn the present crop of heroes about the next threat that they have to face. It might be that of Kang the Conqueror, or even something like Galactus’ arrival.

Now, generally, it’s the Silver Surfer who announces Galactus’ arrival, but it certainly won’t be the first time that the MCU has changed things from the comics. However, no matter what, one shouldn’t expect What If…? to be the only appearance of The Watcher. It’s not a matter of If he will show up elsewhere; it’s just a matter of When.
But fans need to remember that Uatu showing up means that bad times are nearby.

You can catch What If…? streaming on 11 August 2021.

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