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Does The Rancor’s Love For Boba Fett Originate From Another Star Wars Show?

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 14,2022

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Book of Boba Fett episode 3

The Book of Boba Fett has revealed that the bounty hunter has new pet rancor. And it really likes the Tatooine crime lord. The rancor was given to him as a gift by the Hutts.

So now Boba has rancor in his palace, and it has replaced the ones Jabba had. Viewers of Return of the Jedi will remember that Luke Skywalker killed Jabba for rancor.

As for Boba Fett, he has plans for his pet and wants to do way more with his rancor than just keep him beneath his throne room like Jabba the Hutt did with his.

Boba Fett Gets A Rancor From The Hutt Twins

Jabba's rancor

Jabba’s rancor

In episode 3 of The Book of Boba Fett, the crime lord gets an apology from the Twins. The Hutt siblings have been looking to claim the holdings and palace of their late cousin Jabba.

They attempted to kill the bounty hunter by hiring Black Krrsantan, but that didn’t work out. Later, the Twins came to know that the territories were already promised to another crime syndicate by the mayor of Mos Espa.

So, they chose to leave the desert planet and go back to Nal Hutta. On the way out, they choose to apologize to Fett. Along with the apology, they gave a gift- rancor. It was similar to the one Jabba had caged underneath his throne room. Thanks to the rancor’s handler, Boba learned that Rancors aren’t silly.

Boba Fett riding a rancor

Boba Fett riding a rancor

They are emotionally complex animals. So, Boba, as well as we got to know more about them as a species. This was something that previous Star Wars projects hadn’t shed much of a light on.

Also, this rancor loves its master a lot. This might have been because Fett showed the beast affection and kindness. Something it must not have ever experienced since it was bred from fighting champion Rancors to be the same one day.

But Boba reveals that he has no plans to send the creature to fight. Instead, he wants to ride it (after enough practice and training obviously) since he has already formed a bond with it.

Has This Rancor Met The Bad Batch?

Star Wars Bad Batch Poster Palpatine

Star Wars Bad Batch Poster Palpatine

Fans are speculating that his rancor is Muchi, Jabba’s old rancor and the one that Clone Force 99 in The Bad Batch saved.

That creature would recognize Boba due to the clones it came into contact with. However, the timeline doesn’t add up for this theory to work. The rancor handler told Boba Fett that this new rancor was just a calf.

Muchi was a calf about 2 decades before Clone Wars ended. So that rancor would have become fully grown during The Book of Boba Fett. So instead, the bond that has already been formed comes from Boba imprinting on the rancor.

Also, as we said, it’s because he gave it a lot of attention. In fact, he loved it so much that the creature started to miss Fett when the bounty hunter left to face Mos Espa’s mayor.

Boba Fett’s decision to treat the new rancor pet well and also bond with it well is really exciting. This is specially combined with his desire to ride it one day. If he really wants to ride the beast, then Boba will need to invest his time and effort into it.

So it’s expected that because of the affection, the rancor too, he must like him back. Thus, over time this should lead to a dynamic partnership between the beast and the man in The Book of Boba Fett.

The Book of Boba Fett airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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