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Why Henry Cavill Dug Deep Into His Emotions While Filming The Witcher

By Soniya Hinduja
February 8,2022

In the over 20 years that British actor Henry Cavill has stayed in the industry, it is now that his professional acting career is receiving the respect it deserves. Henry has made it through several hardships. And in the last few years, all his struggles are finally bearing fruit. The actor holds the mantle of one of the most exceptionally talented stars in Hollywood. And while Henry Cavill has a reputation for giving striking performances on the big screen, he is equally remarkable on TV.

The actor made his TV debut in 2019, with the Netflix series The Witcher. Apparently, the role has been beneficial for the actor. The show has demanded a great deal of effort from Cavill. So much so that the actor has come to tears on the sets of The Witcher. Hopefully, for the right reasons.

Henry Cavill Opens Up About His Onset Emotions 

The Witcher

Henry Cavill’s Geralt practicing with a sword at Kaer Morhen

Paired with the foreboding personality and tough-guy, look, what reason could Henry Cavill possibly have to cry on the sets of The Witcher? As it turns out, Cavill’s character of Geralt of Rivia required him to channel some unresolved emotions. And in order to portray it with precision, Henry had to reflect on his own deep, dark emotions. 

According to Looper, Henry Cavill said,

“I have to travel inside my life all the time because you don’t know if there is more to cry about.”

He also added that,

“I have this thing — once I’ve used something, I’ve used it. And then I’ve dealt with it. I’ve emotionally processed it, because I’ve been crying all day on set. I always thought that being an actor is also healing myself”. 

So, every time Henry Cavill’s Geralt is seen teary-eyed in The Witcher, the actor is actually feeling true emotions. It is true that some people may find it hard to relate to Cavill’s methods. But as long as it helps him achieve what he wants, we don’t see any harm. 

Netflix’s The Witcher has given Henry Cavill to display his outstanding skills on the small screen, too. Moreover, many actors share Henry Cavill’s opinions about acting as being a cathartic experience. They have used their work life to process underlying issues and heal themselves in real life. This is because playing different characters allows them to recognize their deep-seated emotions. 

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The Witcher’s Future

The Witcher

Freya Allan as Ciri and Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher is Netflix’s iteration of a series of novels and short stories written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski between 1986 and 2013. Netflix has had a successful run with two seasons, and a third is currently under development. While nothing much has been revealed about the third season, fans are hoping for Henry Cavill’s character to return sometime in 2023. And the year that leads towards the new chapter is filled with eagerness and anticipation. 

The Witcher showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, talked about the upcoming season with IGN. And the official report states,

“I feel like Seasons 1 and 2 have been laying the playing field for everything huge that’s about to happen. But the creative process is now really just starting. We have the scripts, and now we’ll bring directors on, the actors back in, and really start delving in deeper and reflecting back and making sure that it’s the perfect season.” 

The Witcher has gained an enormous amount of fans. And it delights us to inform them that Netflix has long term plans for the franchise. The original books consist of eight parts, and The Witcher series intends to lay them all out on screen.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich told Collider,

“…I’m not in a rush to get through these stories, you know? We approximately do a book a season, but we also make sure that the stories from that book are best in that season of our television show. So sometimes we move those chess pieces around a little bit. There’s a big story from Blood of Elves that we’re gonna do in Season 3 for instance. Or there was a short story that we couldn’t fit in Season 1, so we put it in Season 2. We try to be pretty flexible with that.” 

Until then, fans can leisurely consume the first two seasons of The Witcher on Netflix. And by the time the third season comes around, the network will have released spin-offs and animation films as well.