Why Is Henry Cavill Being Recast As Geralt In The Witcher? Explained!

Explore the unexpected recasting of Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher’s upcoming Season 4.

By Akshay Sharma
August 12,2023

The departure of Henry Cavill from Netflix’s hit series, The Witcher, has left many fans disappointed. With Liam Hemsworth set to take on the iconic role of Geralt of Rivia in Season 4 and beyond, a significant change is on the horizon.

The Reason Behind Henry Cavill’s Exit

The Witcher

Netflix’s The Witcher has captured a massive following, making the replacement of its lead actor a notable transition for both the cast and the fan base. While the exact motivations for Henry Cavill’s decision to step away from the role remain undisclosed, his departure was marked by a respectful and discreet approach.

Cavill’s intention to delve further into the realm of DC films, particularly his desire to reprise the role of Superman after a cameo appearance in Black Adam, prompted speculation. The conjecture that juggling both the roles of Geralt and Superman might be overwhelming gained traction. Nevertheless, the reshaping of DC Studios’ strategy under James Gunn and Peter Safran eliminated the possibility of Cavill’s return as the Man of Steel.

Rumors circulated that Cavill’s creative vision for The Witcher diverged from showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s perspective. Reports indicated that since Season 2’s production, Cavill advocated for a closer adherence to Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and contributed his own concepts for the series direction, only to have his suggestions rebuffed. However, the primary motive behind Cavill’s exit remains shrouded in mystery. A report from October 2022 suggested that Cavill initially signed a short-term contract for the role of Geralt and opted not to extend it.

Fans’ Resentment Over Henry Cavill’s Departure

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The revelation that Liam Hemsworth would be replacing Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt triggered widespread dismay among fans. While not disparaging Hemsworth’s capabilities, the emotional attachment to Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt fueled disappointment.

Cavill’s embodiment of Geralt received acclaim for his physical resemblance, impeccable styling with the signature white hair, deep understanding of the lore, and fervent dedication to the character. Many fans considered Cavill the standout element of the show, attributing a substantial portion of their viewing pleasure to his presence. This sentiment played a role in the mixed reception of Season 3.

In response, a petition surfaced to retain Cavill, garnering over 321,000 signatures, with signatories expressing a desire not only for Cavill’s retention but also for a potential overhaul of the show’s writing team. The sentiment echoed the conviction that Cavill’s recasting was a disservice to the show’s essence, with the absence of its central star predicted to alter the viewing experience significantly.

Netflix’s Role In The Transition

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While ultimately Cavill’s choice to depart, Netflix bears a measure of responsibility for the recasting. Initial contracts offered to actors often span three seasons, consistent with the approach taken for many popular Netflix series. Following three seasons, actors negotiate new contracts.

Had Netflix aimed to secure Cavill for the long haul, proactive efforts in offering an expansive and financially substantial contract could have mitigated the current situation. By ensuring Cavill’s commitment from the outset, Netflix could have sidestepped the need to introduce a new lead actor for Season 4.

The decision could potentially impact Netflix’s standing in the long run. Season 3’s viewership numbers have already exhibited a significant decline, a trend likely to persist unless Season 4 reinvigorates interest. The blame, however, doesn’t rest on Liam Hemsworth, who merely entered the fray during a tumultuous period for the show.

Liam Hemsworth’s Role In The Witcher Season 4

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The most recent episodes of The Witcher’s Season 3 adhered more closely to Andrzej Sapkowski’s source material, particularly the fourth book, “Time of Contempt.” Expectations point to Season 4 adapting the subsequent book, “Baptism of Fire.”

In this upcoming season, Geralt embarks on a quest for vengeance. Without divulging spoilers, the narrative centers on his relentless pursuit of the elusive Ciri. This suggests an increased focus on action for Hemsworth’s portrayal.

Furthermore, Season 4 might place Geralt in a more central role, akin to the original material. “Baptism of Fire” thrusts Geralt into prominence as he tirelessly seeks Ciri, a characteristic likely to translate onto the screen.

Liam Hemsworth’s Interpretation Of Geralt

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Liam Hemsworth’s performance in The Witcher Season 4 is expected to rival Henry Cavill’s embodiment of Geralt. Hemsworth’s physical attributes align well with the character of a monster-hunting Witcher. However, given the distinct identities of the two actors, Hemsworth is likely to infuse his own nuances into the role.

Drawing from his experience in The Hunger Games franchise, Hemsworth possesses an advantage in bringing depth to Geralt’s character. Although the dystopian world of The Hunger Games contrasts with The Witcher’s high-fantasy universe, overlapping elements could inform Hemsworth’s portrayal.

While Hemsworth’s voice and appearance may differ from Cavill’s, his commitment is anticipated to match Cavill’s in making Geralt an equally compelling and imposing figure.


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As the mantle of Geralt of Rivia is passed from Henry Cavill to Liam Hemsworth, The Witcher’s future undergoes a significant transformation. Fans’ emotional attachment to Cavill’s portrayal and Netflix’s strategic choices will play a pivotal role in shaping the show’s trajectory as it ventures into Season 4 and beyond. Anticipation brews around Hemsworth’s take on Geralt, with expectations that he will bring his own essence to the iconic character.