Why Kang Deserves To Hold The The ‘Infinity War’ Title More Than Thanos

When someone asks, who are the Avengers’ greatest threats? Then Thanos’ name is bound to pop up. After all, he was the one who brought the Avengers to their knees in the MCU. But when it comes to starting an actual Infinity War, then Kang the Conqueror is the one who can actually wreak havoc.

Now, Thanos is a heavyweight. He has tried to become a god. However, once he is defeated, he moves on to the next goal. But Kang isn’t like that. As the master of time, Kang’s eventual reign over all of reality is pretty much inevitable even when he gets defeated.

So even though Thanos is nobody to scoff at, but he certainly isn’t as omnipresent as Kang. Also, even though Kang’s plans have been thwarted by the Avengers more than once, even then, he keeps coming back.

Gerry Duggan and Patrick Zircher’s Savage Avengers #25 reinforces Kang’s status as an endless warrior.

Savage Avengers Reminds Us Of Kang The Conqueror’s Powers

Conan the Barbarian inside Citadel Kang

In the comic, Conan the Barbarian can be seen teaming up with Kang to put an end to the grave threat of cannibalistic Kulan Gath. When Conan is trying to convince Kang of the seriousness of the situation and why he should get involved, Kang reveals that this isn’t their first interaction.

Inside Citadel Kang, Conan gets busy equipping himself with a variety of time-displaced weapons, initially used by fallen heroes like the
Avengers. However, Kang confirms that they have done all this before.

They have traveled through time to kill Gath countless times. But the thing is- they have lost every single time. Now, one can only hope that this encounter will go differently, but this entire interaction just serves to remind people just how dangerous Kang is.

Why Kang Brings The Real Infinity War

Kang The Conqueror and Thanos

The reason why Kang is so effective is due to his single-mindedness when it comes to destroying his enemies. Now, Kang has access to all of time, and he has used this ability to attack Kulan Gath simultaneously at various points of life before.

He’s pretty much incapable of just giving up. Kang won’t stop till he gets a satisfying outcome. And this is all because his powers give him unlimited chances of trying again.

Now, this is a habit that Kang depicted in the epic Ultron War. During that fight, the tyrant broke time itself by repeatedly going back to the same point to fight the Android in his most powerful avatar.

Due to this, he created a destructive time loop that ended only when the Mad Android surrendered to save the reality he wanted to rule one day.

Actually, even the Avengers only defeated Kang by handing him a noble loss that would offend his honor to change. Another way they get him is by manipulating time so that they can beat him at his own game.

So even though Thanos is dangerous, but the battle against Kang is the real Infinity War. After all, he can try every possible combination of resources, factors, strategies, etc., that might lead to his victory.

Kang in Loki

This is even more dangerous in the MCU because there isn’t just one version of Kang. As seen in Loki, they are many, and they are all made by endlessly branching off timelines.

And they are all hellbent on the total subjugation of all time. In this quest, they are unwilling to bend to anyone, even to themselves. In any timeline, it is Kang’s pride that drives him to do whatever it takes for him to win. And while pursuing this goal, he disregards all possible threats to reality.

Also, with the help of the technology at his disposal, Kang knows way more about Infinity War than Thanos could ever even hope to fully comprehend. After all, for Kang, victory is truly just a matter of time.

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