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Why Laena Velaryon Asked Her Dragon Vhagar To Kill Her?

By Sumit Sahu
September 26,2022

House of the Dragon Episode 6 is out, and it was a time jump where all characters are grown up and advanced in their lives. One arc of this episode was about Daemon and his wife, Laena Velaryon. Laena was the rider of the biggest dragon in the world, Vhagar. She was pregnant and is a mother to two daughters with Daemon.

As the episode proceeds, we see Laena in labor and facing difficulties in delivering the baby. The maester who was treating Laena at the moment came up to Daemon and confessed that he is running out of his skills to deliver the baby normally. He proposed that the womb should be cut open to try and deliver the baby. But it was uncertain if the baby would survive.

Daemon asks the maester whether the mother would survive it, and the answer was NO! This is when Laena got up from her treatment bed and decided something dark for herself.

Laena Didn’t Want To Share The Same Fate As Of Aemma Arryn

Adult Laena Velaryon

Adult Laena Velaryon

The entire childbirth scenario here reflects the situation of King Viserys I, when he had to choose between having an heir or saving his wife Aemma. He made a gamble that cost him both his wife and son, Baelon. It was a wild decision, the word of which was spread like wildfire across the seven kingdoms. Every living and speaking creature across the realm and seven kingdoms were unhappy with the decision Viserys made.

And, Laena knew this too! She knows that a Targaryen might just give up on their wives to have a son. And as Laena accepted her fate that Daemon doesn’t love her anymore, she believed that he would trade her for the baby and accept Maester’s decision. She didn’t want to suffer the fate of Aemma Arryn and wanted to die by the fire of her own dragon, Vhagar.

Vhagar hesitated to burn its master, but eventually, the command has to be followed. Laena gave up her life to die peacefully without going through that enormous pain.