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Why Mephisto Is Deprived From Most Character-Worthy Projects?

By Sumit Sahu
September 10,2022

We have now witnessed a lot of Disney series released by Marvel that connects directly to its cinematic universe, except “What If…?”. After the release of Wanda Vision, Marvel fanatics presumed that Mephisto will soon be introduced in its later episodes.

It is because as Darkhold was introduced in that series, its connection to hell is pretty vibrant. And when Marvel talks about hell, Mephisto is the character who rules that place. In comics, even Thor and Doctor Strange have fought Mephisto and had a completely different story arc.

Therefore, fans started anticipating the presence of Mephisto in MCU movies as well. To help you know why these expectations were set, you must know a brief about Mephisto’s character arc.

Mephisto’s Character Arc

Mephisto in comics

Mephisto is an extraterrestrial demon who is the ruler of a pocket dimension, which he names as ‘Hell’. He possesses magical powers, immortality, intelligence and physical strength.

As of comics, it is stated that Mephisto was the demon who captured the soul of Doctor Doom’s mother, namely Cynthia von Doom. Later, Doctor Strange helped Doctor Doom free her soul and set it for heaven.

In another arc, Mephisto was jealous of the fire demon, Zarathos. So, Mephisto became the Satan and bonded Zarathos to Johnny Blaze and created Ghost Rider. There are lot more connections for Mephisto with the already existing MCU timeline.

And this is the reason why fans await his revelation in the main storyline. Wanda Vision involved witchcraft in the entire season, but didn’t introduce the most evil magician not once.

Fans Are Waiting For Mephisto



Fans moved on with their expectations to Thor: Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange:Multiverse of Madness and every other series or movie that has some co-relation to magic or hell.

Out of the blues, She-Hulk episode 4 showed us a glimpse of hell, and also teased Donny Blaze, whose name resembles to Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider who was created by Mephisto.

It is just a possibility that the hell we saw in She-Hulk episode 4 might be the pocket dimension of Mephisto, or can be the Limbo of Belasco, another extraterrestrial demon. Most of the easter eggs connect to Mephisto, while Marvel’s Limbo also looks exactly the way it was portrayed in the episode.

But all of these teasings are of no good until we see Mephisto in action. This character can create a great impact on the entire MCU timeline, as now multiverse has also been introduced.

Why Is Marvel Depriving Mephisto From All Recent Projects?

Mephisto and Strange

Mephisto and Strange

Marvel knows that it has to introduce Mephisto at some point of time, because sorcery and witchcraft is now the centre of MCU timeline. We have still not seen the true potential of Doctor Strange, which we saw in What If…? Season 1. 

Marvel is probably saving Doctor Strange’s true power to make him fight Mephisto. There is a possibility that Marvel will bring in Mephisto in the next Doctor Strange movie or in the Disney series, Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Keep your fingers crossed, and don’t expect much of Mephisto’s easter eggs in the remaining She-Hulk episodes. It is because we are not actually aware of what She-Hulk series is actually about. So, literally expecting it to set up the stage for Mephisto is like aiming blindly.


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