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Why Stephen Strange Seeks Help From Scarlet Witch In Doctor Strange 2

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 13,2022

In Doctor Strange 2, why does Stephen Strange seek the help of the Scarlet Witch? As the MCU’s Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff was given new life by WandaVision. Following this, she now appears to be more powerful than even the Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange may not want to team up with Agatha Harkness because according to the latter, she is fated to end the world.

Despite this, the first trailer for Doctor Strange 2 shows that the Master of the Mystic Arts will still seek out Wanda Maximoff. This is so presumably because of the events of Avengers: Endgame. Stephen Strange approached Scarlet Witch, who initially thought he was there, to condemn her for her actions in Westview; Strange quickly put her mind at ease. Here he reveals that he is actually there because he is dealing with a multiverse crisis and believes she can help. Now there are two questions that come to mind. One, how much does Doctor Strange know about Wanda’s power-up as the Scarlet Witch? Two, why does he think she can help him?

The Language Of The Mystical Arts

Doctor Strange as the Guardian of the Multiverse

The trailer for Doctor Strange 2 confirms that the Masters of the Mystic Arts were aware of the events at Westview. This is despite the fact that they were not involved. Stephen Strange assures Scarlet Witch that he hasn’t come in response to what happened at Westview when she says she expected a visit. They must have learned of Westview after the fact and investigated it; they would have recognized Wanda as an extremely powerful sorcerer.

However, it’s not clear if they would have been able to distinguish between Chaos Magic and normal magic. Chthon ensured that sorcerers believed that Chaos Magic was a myth, so they wouldn’t be primed when he returned to this plane of existence. Another possibility is that they were more sympathetic to Wanda’s situation because of her strenuous grief at the time.

Scarlet Witch’s use of such powerful magic without training at Kamar-Taj would be of interest to Doctor Strange. Keep in mind that magic in the MCU is inextricably linked to the multiverse. Doctor Strange’s Ancient One explained it best: “Mystical arts speak a language that dates back to the dawn of civilization. This language was once referred to as “spells” by ancient sorcerers. However, the modern term “program” can be used instead of the term “spell” offends your sensibilities.

Real Reason Why Strange Seeks Help From Scarlet Witch

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Strange and Wanda

Spells, weapons, shields, and magic can all be conjured from other dimensions of the multiverse using energy drawn from other dimensions of the multiverse. Any sorcerer has the potential to have knowledge of the multiverse that only those trained at Kamar-Taj have. This is so regardless of where they learned their magic. The Darkhold, the book of dark magic Wanda stole from Agatha Harkness, is clearly being read by Doctor Strange in the Scarlet Witch trailer.

Doctor Strange, on the other hand, may know even more. The Scarlet Witch may be mentioned in some of the books held by the Masters of the Mystic Arts. This is so despite the fact that they do not own the Darkhold. Sorcerer Supreme-like powers, including the ability to traverse the multiverse at will, could be revealed if they do. The Masters of the Mystic Arts may not know the entirety of the dark prophecy surrounding Wanda. Nonetheless, that kind of knowledge would explain why she is sought out by Doctor Strange in the sequel.

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