Why These Amazing Avengers Infinity War Scenes Were Deleted Explained

It’s been a few years since Avengers: Infinity War was released in theatres to commercial and critical success. It’s definitely one of the most plot and action-packed MCU movies to date. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that there were deleted scenes for it. 

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo on a script written by Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, this Marvel Studios movie was released in 2018 and kickstarted the culmination of the Infinity Saga. It’s set a couple of years after the tense events of Captain America: Civil War. This was the movie that showcased and brought together heroes from all the pockets of the blockbuster franchise to go up against Thanos. 

As such, it was one of the biggest and most ambitious ensemble projects ever done in the MCU. But apart from focusing on the different heroes, the movie also had the job of debuting the Mad Titan as the main villain of the Infinity Saga. After all, even though Marvel Studios had previously teased Thanos’s existence (as early as Phase 1 even), followed by his appearance in other movies, but it’s undoubtedly Infinity War that first introduced him properly. 

So on top of showcasing the heroes, the movie was burdened with introducing Thanos, establishing his motivations, emotions, and his journey towards collecting the Infinity Stones. Not to mention the film had to show the Snap that effectively killed half of life. Now, Infinity Wars’ success establishes the fact that everything was done beautifully. Even things like the death of major characters like Loki were pulled off beautifully while not compromising with the massive story. 

However, even though the theatrical cut of the movie did a lot in the limited runtime of 2 hrs and 40 mins that it had, but it still had to leave out a lot of scenes on the cutting room floor. So here we will tell you about all of those deleted scenes and why didn’t they make it to the theatrical release. 

Hulk Emerges From The Hulkbuster

Smart Hulk was introduced during the 5-years between the events of Infinity War and Endgame. But originally, he was set to come out in Infinity War. Throughout the movie, the Hulk refused to come out after getting beaten by Thanos at the beginning of the film. 

This left Bruce Banner to fend for himself during the Wakanda battle and he stayed in his human form going into Endgame. However, as per a deleted scene, Hulk was going to burst out of the Hulkbuster during the Wakanda battle. Also, he was supposed to have a quiet moment with Natasha Romanoff where she tries to calm him down. 

But to her surprise, hulk would start speaking in plain English. This scene was deleted because it would have been comical and would not have meshed well with the overall tone of the movie. Even we felt that deleting it was the smart move. 

Wanda And Vision Vs. The Black Order

The Scotland-set fight between the Black Order members like Proxima and Corvus Glaive against Wanda and Vision was originally meant to be way longer. So before Black Widow and Captain Rogers showed up to help the duo, the star-crossed lovers were about to get wasted by Thanos’ minions. 

In the now-deleted scene, Vision and Wanda hide from their enemies who want the Mind Stone. However, as one can imagine since nothing of plot importance happened in this extended fight scene so it got scrapped. 

Thanos And The Living Tribunal

Thanos And The Living Tribunal

Originally, the Living Tribunal was originally going to show up in the movie. This was going to happen during the fight between Doctor Strange and Thanos in Titan. According to the writers, during the fight, the sorcerer supreme would have “blown Thanos’ mind and sent him through the mindscape.” 

Doctor Strange did this by replicating what the Ancient One did to him when he arrived at Kamar-Taj for the first time. Then, the purple titan would have faced the Living Tribunal “who judged him guilty of his crimes.” In The Art of Avengers: Infinity War book there’s concept art from Eleni Roussos’ about this scrapped moment.  

However, since Infinity War was already juggling a huge cast of characters already so introducing another one might have been disastrous. As such, it was the smart decision to leave the Living Tribunal on the cutting room floor. Also, we think not introducing the Tribunal in Infinity War was the right choice since it deserved a proper MCU debut rather than feeling like a cameo. 

Thanos And Gamora’s Extended Confrontation

Thanos And Gamora

After Thanos was able to successfully abduct Gamora in Knowhere, the duo were originally going to have a much longer conversation about their convoluted relationship as dad and daughter. In the deleted scene, Thanos used the Reality Stone to recreate a memory from when Gamora was his best soldier. 

In the extended scene, it seems like Thanos genuinely wants to reach out to his favourite child. But Gamora gets repulsed at the mere thought of helping him. She says that she was forced to do things that she didn’t want to, just to bring him one step closer to accomplishing his goals. Now, keeping this scene would have helped establish the character dynamics better. 

But this exchange does seem to be an exact repeat of the one we see in the theatrical cut of Infinity War, with some additional dialogues that weren’t really needed. After all, the actors and the rest of the movie was able to adequately establish that Gamora didn’t agree with Thanos’ actions. As such, this was edited out. 

Happy Tells Tony Stark And Pepper Potts’ To Elope


In Infinity War, we were introduced to Tony Stark and Pepper Potts for the first time when they were jogging in the park. They were subtly talking about their future as a married couple. There Iron Man talked about having a dream of a child named Morgan, however, Pepper shot down that idea because they weren’t expecting it. 

In an extended cut of the scene, there are more animated conversations about wedding planning. In the meanwhile, Happy Hogan drives by on a golf cart and suggests that they should simply elope because the media excitement about the wedding is making him crazy. Know that this was the only appearance of Jon Favreau in Infinity War. But, this scene was cut because of time constraints. 

Iron Man And Doctor Strange Swap Each Other’s Costumes

Iron Man And Doctor Strange Swap Each Other’s Costumes

When Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man were aboard the Q-ship from Earth they had a fight with Ebony Maw. In that scene, Iron Man and Doctor Strange were supposed to switch their suits. Stephen dons the armor whereas Tony wears the Cloak of Levitation. 

A behind-the-scenes pic of this scene was even shared by co-writer, Stephen McFeely. In the picture, Benedict Cumberbatch could be seen wearing a practical chest plate. Now, if this would have been included in the movie, then it certainly would have been really cool to see. 

Currently, there’s no word from the directors about the reason why this moment was cut off. However, if we had to guess, then it would have been because of time constraints. 

Thanos Uses The Soul Stone On The Avengers’ Souls

Thanos Uses The Soul Stone On The Avengers’ Souls

One of the best action sequences in the movie took place on Titan where Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange teamed up with the Guardians to fight Thanos. During the fight there’s a point when Thanos is supposed to use the Soul Stone to fully separate the souls of the heroes’ from their physical bodies. 

After that Stephen Stranger enters the Astral plane and reaches out to Mantis and Peter Parker to explain to them about the incident. He additionally says that if they aren’t able to do anything about it quickly, then their affected teammates can die. Now, undoubtedly, this would have been amazing to see on the big screen since the Soul Stone was barely used in both Endgame and Infinity War. However, it had to be deleted because of the already long runtime. 

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Receive A Message From Nebula

There was a deleted scene where the aftermath of the failure of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Knowhere was shown. Star-Lord appears disgruntled and confronts Drax who turns off the Zune player playing Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove.” This confrontation continues as the two of them argue while moving around Benatar. 

This commotion gets interrupted when Mantis points out that there’s a secret coded message from the angry and vengeance-seeking Nebula. The message tells them that Thanos is taking Gamora with him to Titan. The scene is great fun, but unfortunately, it didn’t really help carry Infinity War’s story forward. 

Also, the Star-Lord- Drax argument was a bit too long. So even though this scene would have helped show how the Guardians ended up in Titans, but there was just no need to explicitly show it. 

All the deleted scenes of Infinity War are fun and offer more insights into the character dynamics. But as one can see, they weren’t really necessary for the movie. The filmmakers cut the perfect movie and didn’t leave anything interesting out of the theatrical run of the movie. 

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