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Why Thor’s New Love & Thunder Costume Loses Its Appeal

By Soniya Hinduja
January 23,2022

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is returning for yet another fascinating adventure. But there appears to be a big problem with the hero’s new suit for Thor: Love and Thunder. Following the incredible uproar of Thor: Ragnarok, director Taika Waititi is making a comeback into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The movie ended up proving to be a huge save for the future of Thor movies. Which is why Waititi is making sure to do things right for another blockbuster outing with the God of Thunder. A major factor for this win comes with the Avenger’s new bright blue armor with peculiar gold detailing. 

Marvel’s Attempts At Finding Thor’s Initial Footing



Marvel fans are aware of the original back and forth that went behind, settling on the correct agenda for Thor. But when Waititi took care of the director’s chair and came up with Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios finally seemed to have a plan of action. Compared to the dull lighting and dark undertones in God of Thunder’s first two solo films, the third installment consisted of more spaced-out visuals. Which were an immaculate addition to the hero’s unusual comical aspect.

Not only that, Thor even sported a new short-haired look to go with his revamped personality. After this, the hero appeared in Avengers: Endgame. The movie gave fans another version of the God of Thunder as Fat Thor. But Thor: Love and Thunder will not see the hero still logging the same look. After all, Waititi has confirmed that Thor is out of his bleak phase.

The Problem With Thor’s New Suit In Love And Thunder

Marvel Studios has recently revealed the promotional art for its forthcoming MCU outing. And according to the image, along with his impeccable frame, Thor is also donning a new suit. In addition to his signature red cape and the Stormbreaker, he has also received bright colored armor. The look is evocative of Eric Masterson’s comic book appearance as Thor. However, whether if the movie will also adapt the narrative from the same comics chapters is still unclear. There is no denying the fact that the new costume is absolutely stunning. But if you look hard enough, you will see that it resembles Ikaris’ (Richard Madden) costume from Eternals a little too much.

Richard Madden’s Ikaris flying into the sun in 2021’s Eternals.

Chloé Zhao made her debut at Marvel Studios with 2021’s Eternals. The film introduced a bunch of really cool superheroes, called the Eternals, into the MCU. The diverse ensemble also included Ikaris. The hero sports a bright blue costume, with gold detailing. In fact, the circular patterns on the bodice of the armor are exactly like the ones on Thor’s new suit.

Now, if the two films have a huge gap in their premiere, the similarity does not pose a problem. But Thor: Love and Thunder is making its way to audiences sometime after July 2022. And the promotions for the film will start soon. The new suit making its first appearance through the promotional art only means one thing. That the God of Thunder will wear the same look during the entire duration of the marketing. 

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Marvel’s History With Fresh Looks For Superheroes

Thor's new look in Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor’s new look in Thor: Love and Thunder promotional art

Usually, every time an MCU hero reprises his role for another outing, he gets a fresh look. One of the reasons is to escalate the sale of toys and merchandise. But in other scenarios, the idea is suggested by creators to fit the hero into the new narrative. For instance, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sported a new suit in every solo film. This looked believable because Stark was always making modifications and improvements in an attempt to upgrade his tech.

Regarding Hemsworth’s character in Thor: Love and Thunder, the tweak could suggest Waititi’s intention of standing his ground on portraying the character’s humorous personality. It is evident from the color of Thor’s new suit that he is going to be more fun.

With that said, Marvel Studios could have been more imaginative in changing Thor’s new costume. Because the fresh look is an easy observation. Otherwise, so long as the case is to represent Masterson’s arc for the God of Thunder, the decision to incorporate the bright blue armor makes sense. 

Thor’s new Thor: Love and Thunder costume is pretty cool. The sight has only got fans more excited to see it in live-action when Marvel Studios drops the film’s final trailer. And yet, many find the idea a careless addition because of how similar it is to Ikaris’ Eternals’ suit. Which just robs the entire captivation that comes with the new suit. 

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