Will Hayden Christensen Continue As Anakin Skywalker In Star Wars?

Explore Hayden Christensen’s return to the Star Wars universe as Anakin Skywalker and the lingering question of whether he will continue in future projects

By Amitabh Mukherji
September 19,2023

Hayden Christensen, known for his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels, has made a triumphant return to the franchise through Disney+’s Ahsoka series. After more than a decade away from the Star Wars universe, Christensen reprises his iconic role as Anakin, with his appearance in last year’s “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series and now in the ongoing “Ahsoka” show. This article delves into his reflections and sentiments about stepping back into the galaxy far, far away.

A Grateful Return To Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker

In a recent interview, recorded prior to the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike, Hayden Christensen opened up about his return to the Star Wars universe in the “Ahsoka” series. Christensen’s cameo as Anakin Skywalker in Episodes 4 and 5 of the popular streaming series marked a significant moment for fans. He expressed his excitement, describing how he felt when he received the phone call about the project:

“When I got the phone call to talk about being a part of the ‘Ahsoka’ project, I was thrilled.”

Christensen also shared the profound experience of donning his Anakin costume and Jedi robes once again, emphasizing the impact it had on him:

“Putting on the Anakin costume, getting to wear those Jedi robes, it kind of blows your mind every time. I just feel very grateful.”

The interview provided a glimpse behind the scenes, showcasing Christensen working with series creator Dave Filoni on a pivotal line delivered during the first confrontation between Ahsoka and Anakin in Episode 5.

The Future Of Hayden Christensen As Anakin Skywalker

Hayden Christensen

With Hayden Christensen’s return to the Star Wars universe generating excitement among fans, the question arises: Is this a one-time appearance, or can we expect more of him as Anakin Skywalker in the future?

As of now, there is no public confirmation of future Star Wars projects involving Christensen. While fans may hope for further appearances, the actor’s schedule within the franchise remains uncertain.

One possibility for Christensen’s return could be in the remaining episodes of the “Ahsoka” series. His interaction with Ahsoka, a beloved character in the Star Wars universe, has been highly anticipated, and there may be room for additional Anakin Skywalker moments in the show.

Another potential opportunity for Christensen to reprise his role could be in the speculated Season 2 of “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” While Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has indicated that a second season is not actively in development, the enthusiasm of the series’ stars and the enduring popularity of the characters suggest that future projects could materialize.

In conclusion, while Hayden Christensen’s return as Anakin Skywalker has thrilled fans, the actor’s future in the Star Wars galaxy remains uncertain. Whether this marks his final appearance or opens the door to more adventures in the franchise, the return of this iconic character has left a lasting impact on both Christensen and Star Wars enthusiasts.