House of the Dragon

Will House Of The Dragon Solve The Mystery Of Jon Snow’s Warg Ability

Game of Thrones ended without fully revealing the potential of a number of characters. While Bran’s warging and skin-changing abilities received a full feature on the show, the skills of the other Star siblings remained unexplored. This included Jon’s warging powers and his connections to dragons because of his Targaryen blood. George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novel series displayed this narrative in greater depth. And now, we hope House of the Dragon will do the same for Jon Snow. 

Game of Thrones Season 7 concluded after disclosing Jon Snow as the secret legitimate son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Originally named Aegon Targaryen, Jon’s true bloodline was put to test when Daenerys let him ride Rhaegal in Season 8. However, the HBO series never fully appraised Jon’s connections to Stark’s direwolves and the Targaryen dragons, because all the dragons except Dragon had died. Because of her Targaryen blood, Daenerys effortlessly tamed her dragons. But the show barely allowed Join to form a bond with the creatures. 

House of the Dragon will explore the Targaryen rule in Westeros. The show presents ample potential for the characters to strengthen their bloodline connections with dragons. Being the only Targaryen alive in Game of Thrones, Daenerys single-handedly portrayed the abilities of her house. But House of the Dragon will have more Targaryens, and 17 dragons. Thus, it is likely that the show will answer an impending question from GoT. Did Jon Snow possess the ability to skin-change into a dragon like he did with Ghost?

Jon Snow’s Warg Ability In The ASOIAF Books

Nymeria, Ghost, and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

A Song of Ice and Fire book revealed Jon Snow as a warg, like other direwolf-bonded Starks. In his sleep, Jon would control Ghost’s mind. Apparently, because Jon had such a strong connection with Ghost, it was only able to warg with the direwolf. On the other hand, Bran, who was also a greenseer, could skin-change into any animal he wanted. The Winds of Winter, which is the last book in ASOIAF, might reveal whether Jon Snow will develop the same bond with one of the dragons. 

GRRM’s Little Information About People Skin-changing Into Dragons

George R.R. Martin has explored Targaryen history in great depth in House of the Dragon’s source material. But the author has never revealed whether people can skin-change into dragons. Apparently, skin-changing links to people who have the blood of the First Men, which is usually found in characters from the North, the Iron Islands, and Beyond the Wall. The show has only displayed skin-changing abilities with regards to direwolves. Besides, since dragons showed up in Westeros after the Children of the Forest existed, chances are that no skin-changer or greenseer has attempted to tame a dragon. 

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Targaryen Ability To Skin-Change

Game of Thrones, Three Eyed Raven AKA Brynden Rivers

The ability of skin-changing and greensight runs in the bloodline of the First Men and the Children of the Forest. The Targaryen history speaks nothing about skin-changers who inherit Valyrian blood. However, the Three-Eyed Raven in Game of Thrones, who upskins Bran is actually a character from the books. Known as Bloodraven, Brynden Rivers, is the bastard son of King IV Targaryen and Melissa Blackwood, and apparently the most powerful greenseer and skin-changer ever. 

Despite being Targaryen-blooded, Bloodraven’s skin-changing abilities are believed to have been inherited from his Blackwood ancestry, who are descendants of the First Men. but like Jon Snow, Blood Raven has a connection to dragons. Both Bloodraven and Jon Snow’s fathers are Targaryens, and their mothers are descendants of the First Men. Bloodraven could transform into ravens, while Jon Snow could skin-change into a direwolf. 

It is true that Bloodraven’s ability to skin-change into dragons was never explored. According to the House of the Dragon timeline, he once even attained a dragon egg. But as Targaryen history does, their children form a bond with dragon eggs throughout the years. Much like Stark children’s bond with direwolves. Which is why, in order to skin-change into a dragon, a Targaryen must first form a trustful bond with the animal. 

House Of The Dragon And Jon Snow’s Skin-Changing Ability

Dragons from Game of Thrones, HBO

HBO’s prequel series will elaborate more on Targaryens and their connections with dragons. In addition, the show will depict how dragons, unlike direwolves, possess striking intelligence. And apparently, a smarter animal is not easy to skin-change into. If Rhaegal was alive in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow could have tried to control his mind. But House of the Dragon will focus on dragons that existed during the Targaryen civil war. So the characters can be seen skin changing into the creatures in battle. 

Jon Snow was smart, but Dany’s dragons were smarter. Moreover, he didn’t have greensight like Bran, which was something he would need in order to turn into any creature he liked. While GRRM’s Fire and Blood never answered the question, House of the Dragon might unveil whether those with Targaryen ancestry can skin-change into dragons.