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Will King Thanos Appear In Avengers: Secret Wars

By Ganesh K
September 30,2022

King Thanos was introduced in the Thanos wins storyline in the comics. He’s a variant of the mad titan who killed every avenger at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Recently Kevin Feige revealed a new attraction on the Avengers campus featuring “King Thanos” facing against every Avengers from the multiverse.

King Thanos Secret wars

Additionally, the creator of Thanos Jim Starlin in an interview with Inverse revealed why Thanos will be back in the MCU.

While the Marvel universe is in a multiverse saga, we can get to see a variant of Thanos in future projects like Avengers: Secret Wars.

How Powerful Is King Thanos

In the comic “Thanos wins” storyline earth’s superheroes got older, and Thanos become stronger because of his deviant gene.

While this version of Thanos is who lives for millions of years and gets all crazy power and wisdom over time.

King Thanos defeated every cosmic entity, celestials, Galactus, Avengers, and everything in the universe.

King Thanos Marvel

He even made hulk as his dog and his castle made with the bones of celestials and Galactus’s skull as his throne.

Although King Thanos killed everything in the universe to gain the affection of Mistress Death.

In the end, he realized he couldn’t impress Mistress Death. he brings a younger version of Thanos to the future so that the younger Thanos can kill older Thanos and ended up resetting the timeline.

Cameo In Secret Wars

Kang the conqueror is the main villain in Avengers: Secret Wars as he killed so many superheroes in alternate timelines.

However, Thanos got a special place among fans as a villain and in the MCU we get to see some people support Thanos in the Hawkeye series with “Thanos was right”

The Avengers: Secret Wars storyline was a big event in the comics and in the 2015 Secret Wars comics Thanos appeared in it.

King Thanos

If Marvel Studios adapted the recent Secret wars storyline, there is a good possibility for the fans to see King Thanos on the big screen one more time.

Either they could bring King Thanos as a cameo or even as a short glimpse while passing through different universes.

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