Will Travis Scott’s Musical Magic Elevate Marvel’s Blade Soundtrack?

Explore Travis Scott’s ambition to join forces with Marvel Studios on the Blade soundtrack and the potential impact on the MCU’s Phase 5

By Amitabh Mukherji
September 12,2023
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Travis Scott, the renowned hip-hop artist known for hits like “SICKO MODE,” “Goosebumps,” and “Antidote,” has risen to prominence as one of the music industry’s leading figures. As of September 2023, Scott boasts an impressive 68.5 million monthly streams on Spotify, securing his position as the 12th most-streamed artist on the platform. His musical journey has been marked by successful albums, including ASTROWORLD and UTOPIA, along with notable collaborations on Hollywood soundtracks, such as Black Panther, Tenet, and Game of Thrones.

Travis Scott’s Marvel Aspirations

Travis Scott

In a recent announcement on X (formerly Twitter), Travis Scott expressed his eagerness to collaborate with Marvel Studios on an upcoming movie soundtrack. The hip-hop sensation disclosed his desire to contribute to the musical landscape of Marvel’s Blade, a highly anticipated Phase 5 film set to grace theaters in February 2025. Blade’s lead role will be portrayed by the talented Mahershala Ali, promising an intriguing addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Scott’s interest in the Blade project was succinctly stated in his tweet, where he shared his thoughts: “Woke up thinking I would love to do the soundtrack to ‘Blade’.” This revelation has sparked excitement among both his fanbase and Marvel enthusiasts, as they eagerly await the prospect of a Travis Scott-infused Blade soundtrack.

Travis Scott’s Previous Marvel Collaboration

Travis Scott

While Travis Scott’s desire to contribute to Blade’s soundtrack may be news to some, it’s worth noting that the artist already has a connection with Marvel Studios. In the past, he collaborated with the studio on the soundtrack for Black Panther, a groundbreaking film celebrated for its cultural impact and musical excellence. In Black Panther, Scott featured on the track “Big Shot,” working alongside Kendrick Lamar, the album’s curator. This collaboration was a testament to Scott’s ability to merge his distinctive sound with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Blade: A Marvel Movie In Flux


Blade, with its scheduled release date of February 14, 2025, has experienced its fair share of turbulence on its path to the silver screen. The movie, directed by Yann Demange, encountered multiple delays and production setbacks before reaching its current release timeline. These challenges included changes in the screenwriting team and disruptions in pre-production, ultimately culminating in the rescheduling of its premiere.

However, despite these setbacks, Blade remains an eagerly anticipated addition to the MCU, offering a fresh perspective with a Black lead, Mahershala Ali. This casting decision, combined with the potential involvement of Travis Scott, suggests that the film has the ingredients to stand out in the MCU Phase 5 lineup.

Overcoming Controversy: Travis Scott’s Path To Collaboration

Travis Scott

Travis Scott faced significant controversy in 2021, stemming from his Astroworld music festival held in Texas. Tragically, the event resulted in hundreds of injuries and several deaths. A lawsuit filed against Scott alleged that he had encouraged violence during the festival, contributing to the tragic outcome.

Despite this dark chapter in his career, Travis Scott’s aspiration to work with Marvel Studios on the Blade soundtrack should not be dismissed. His prior collaboration on Black Panther demonstrates an existing connection to the studio, and his prominence in the music industry suggests that he possesses the influence and credibility to make this dream collaboration a reality.

If Travis Scott secures the opportunity to contribute to Blade, he would likely follow in the footsteps of Kendrick Lamar, assembling a formidable team of singers, rappers, and producers to craft a dynamic soundtrack worthy of the MCU. With his recent album release, UTOPIA, arriving four years after his previous project, Scott appears to have the availability to undertake such a creative venture.

A Glimpse Into Marvel’s Musical Landscape

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios has a history of creating original soundtracks that resonate with audiences and elevate the cinematic experience. The Black Panther franchise, in particular, is renowned for its star-studded soundtracks, featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Khalid, Future, The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott himself. These albums have become cultural landmarks, transcending the boundaries of cinema and music.

It’s important to note that Marvel Studios does not hand out opportunities for massive star-studded original soundtracks casually. The Black Panther series is currently the sole recipient of such treatment within the MCU. However, Blade, with its significant cultural and cinematic potential, could potentially join this exclusive club. With Blade featuring a Black lead, the film may indeed have a chance at receiving the same musical treatment that has graced Black Panther.

Anticipation And Uncertainty

Mahershala Ali as Blade, fan art

As of now, Travis Scott’s aspiration to contribute to the Blade soundtrack remains in the realm of hope and possibility. The entertainment industry is known for its unpredictable nature, and collaborations of this magnitude often require intricate negotiations and creative alignments. Whether this dream collaboration will come to fruition or not remains uncertain, and fans should not expect immediate updates on the matter.

In conclusion, Travis Scott’s desire to work on the Blade soundtrack offers an exciting glimpse into the potential fusion of his musical talents with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a history of successful collaborations and the promise of a groundbreaking film, Blade could become another cultural phenomenon, further highlighting the significance of music in the MCU’s storytelling. As time progresses, the world will eagerly await any developments that may bring Travis Scott’s aspirations closer to reality.

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