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Will White Vision Appear In Armor Wars?

By Chandraboli Majumdar
October 8,2022

The MCU has been working on the Armor Wars project with Don Cheadle for a while now. The project has had a number of exciting updates. While it was initially meant to be a Disney+ series, Marvel Studios is now considering Armor Wars for a theatrical release as a feature film. Another update is that Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2 might return to the MCU with Armor Wars being his second appearance. However, the most interesting update is the rumor that White Vision will be appearing in Armor Wars alongside Don Cheadle’s War Machine.

Where is White Vision?

White Vision left Westview in WandaVision

White Vision left Westview in WandaVision

SWORD created White Vision by experimenting on Vision’s dead body that was retrieved from Wakanda. They were looking to bring him back online. Instead they created White Vision. In fact, they used Wanda’s signature energy and her chaos magic to reanimate his body. He was then used by SWORD in the battle of Westview to destroy Wanda and the Vision she created with Hex magic. He attacked Wanda and attempted to crush his head. Then he was thrown away by Vision on top of an exploding car. However, White Vision returned and they fought each other in the sky above Westview.

This was when Vision attempted to reason with White Vision and attempt to remind him of his memories. They started talking about the Ship of Theseus and tried to figure who the real Vision was. Finally, the hex Vision was able to bring back White Vision’s memories of the past and his love for Wanda. White Vision realized that he too was the true Vision and that directly contradicted his programming that ordered him to kill Vision. And that’s when he left Westview to understand himself and rethink his purpose.

Why he could return in Armor Wars?

Armor Wars project may see the return of White Vision

Armor Wars project may see the return of White Vision

The Armor Wars project is actually based on an Iron Man comic series. The storyline follows Iron Man as he tries to destroy weapons made under the Stark banner and prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands. However, in the MCU’s Armor Wars, War Machine played by Don Cheadle will take up the role of Iron Man. While on his crusade to get rid of all Stark technologies that could endanger the people, he will most likely also have to face White Vision. Though White Vision himself was not a Stark creation. Vision and Ultron both were. So this would lead Rhodey to find White Vision who has not been seen since after disappearing from Westview in WandaVision. Rhodey may not have to fight him and could even recruit him as an ally.

But the entire journey will be an especially tough one for Rhodes. Not only will he be grappling with the death of his dear friend Tony Stark. But he will also have to address the physical and emotional pain that he suffered during his paralysis. The same paralysis that was a result of a missed attack by Vision. Though we have seen a bit of his physical improvements, we have not seen how the event impacted him mentally and emotionally. Being face to face with White Vision will surely trigger a lot of the pain he had faced and the memories of the incident. It would be a great story arc for Rhodes who has been a part of the MCU right from the very beginning.

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