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Witcher Season 2 Missed Resolving Its Big Love Triangle Problem

By Soniya Hinduja
January 8,2022

The Witcher Season 2 could have easily resolved a big love triangle. But the Netflix show decided to eliminate a character so necessary in answering a problem related to Triss. The Witcher Season 1 gave Geralt a more relaxed scenario with bathtubs, brothels, and bards. Of course, with the occasional monster killing. But in The Witcher Season 2, Geralt undergoes a series of tense events. In fact, certain instances wound him quite badly. Like the death of his fellow witcher Eskel. 

In truth, Eskel was more than just another witcher to Geralt. The two grew up together and were almost as close as brothers. In Episode 2, we see Geralt reuniting with Eskel when he arrives at Kaer Morhen, where witchers meet up annually to rest and regain their strength. But the Eskel that the show displays is vexed. Later in the episode, we realize that a leshy has infected the witcher. Soon, Eskel transforms into a menacing wooden tree-like monster. And Geralt is forced to kill him to protect the others.  

The Geralt-Triss Tension In The Witcher Season 2

But it appears as if grief was not all that The Witcher Season 2 had in store for Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia. Because moving forward, Geralt finds himself caught up in a love triangle. The Witcher Season 1 constantly created the build-up for the character’s emotional attachments. Geralt falls for Yennefer of Vengerberg, who is a powerful sorceress; as he confronts time and aging throughout the season. While Yennefer feels the same way, their destinies draw them apart. 


Triss and Geralt in their time at Kaer Morhen in The Witcher Season 2

In Season 2, when Geralt is staying at Kaer Morhen, he ends up hanging out with Triss Merigold, who is one of his mage-friends, and is also closely connected to Yennefer. One night, while still at Kaer Morhen, Triss approaches Geralt with the intention of suggesting her feelings for the monster hunter. However, the white-haired warrior remains stern and rejects her, as his emotions still linger towards Yennefer. 

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Yennefer vs. Triss

The Witcher fans are torn between picking the best fit for Geralt Rivia. Is it the all-powerful, inscrutable Yennefer or the passionate and forbearing Triss? Fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s works tend to incline towards Yennefer. With a tiny spark of romance forming between the Witcher and Triss in the book narrative. However, regarding the Witcher gamer fans, the weight lies with Triss. This is because the sorceress remains to be Geralt’s main love interest for the two entries in the CD Projekt Red series. Netflix’s iteration tries to flesh out the love quarrel to life in Season 2. However, the entire exchange results in an unclear narrative. 

The Witcher

A still from season 2 showing a battle-scarred Yennefer

By the time The Witcher Season 2 approaches its final episodes, Geralt and Yennefer are reunited once again. But the two still have some residual feelings to resolve because of Yennefer’s mistrusting actions in kidnapping Ciri. On the other hand, Triss is plotting against the crown princess of Cintra as well. Her intentions will set the premises for a magic-induced back and forth concerning Geralt in The Witcher Season 3. But the series could have found an easy solution to the Triss problem. If only the Netflix adaptation had not chosen to kill off Eskel so soon.

Why Eskel Would Have Been The Perfect Partner For Triss

Regardless of being prominently present in Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, The Witcher Season 2 only allowed Eskel’s character a mere episode throughout the season. Eskel showed up at Kaer Morhen in the second episode, and by the end of it, he had to be eliminated. In contrast to this, Eskel’s narrative in the books creates an intense connection between him and Triss Merigold. Initially, Eskel is hesitant in forming a friendship with her. But eventually, Eskel learns to appreciate her perspective and lets go of his insecurities. In return, Triss is kind towards Eskel by reciprocating his emotions. 

Kaer Morhen – Witchers
Basil Eidenbenz as Eskel in The Witcher Season 2

The two never share a specific romantic moment, but the Triss-Eskel relationship is definitely an element that Netflix’s The Witcher could have explored. Even turn their beguiling friendship into a love story. The show could have drawn the narrative so as to depict Triss blindsided by her affection for Geralt for so long she only later realizes her actual needs. The Netflix show could have easily resolved its long-standing Geralt-Yennefer-Triss love triangle when Triss eventually sees Eskel as the Witcher she longs for. 

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How Netflix Missed A Great Opportunity

It is obvious that the show does not have a single other character who could satisfy the role of Triss’ true love so visibly. But the Netflix show killed off Eskel a little too soon. Now the sorceress’ fire of unrequited feelings for Geralt will continue to ignite the flame of yearning. Unless something deeply terrifying occurs in the future of The Witcher-lore. 

It is true that adapting to an Eskel-Triss-centered romance would divert the show from its ongoing path. But the arc is not as big as eliminating Eskel in the very episode he is featured in. A move that disappointed Witcher fans very much. Alas, Netflix managed to unintentionally kill two birds by withdrawing the Eskel stone. First when the show robbed fans of a beloved and significant character. And second when it steals the satisfaction of a conclusion where Geralt reunites with Yennefer, and Triss ends up finding bliss next to Eskel.