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With A Erotic Photo Shoot Bella Thorne Is “Ready To Ring In 2022”

By Alankar Nayak
January 1,2022

Bella Thorne began the New Year with a boom with a sensual lingerie-clad photoshoot.

The 24-year-old actress appeared in provocative scarlet undergarments and a matching feathered robe, proving a red hot fantasy. Looking ahead to 2022, the former Disney star quipped, ‘Who’s ready to ring in 2022 with me??’ Of course, with champagne. Happy New Year’s Eve, bbs! ‘I adore you all!!’


Bella Thorne

Bella looked stunning in a red lingerie set with high rise pants with a holiday bow and a stringy bra top wrapped around the chest. The barely-there outfit highlighted her very flat tummy and sensuous curves while leaving nothing to the imagination. The actress took her boudoir photoshoot to the next level by wearing a feathered red robe, which added a magical touch.

And to look like a modern-day pinup girl, she styled her red hair in soft victory curls and pigtails with black silky bows on them.

Ready To Ring In 2022

Bella Thorne

The actress from Midnight Sun enhanced her form with complementary red stilettos and a sparkling diamond chain around her neck. The spectacular New Year’s Eve shot had confetti, gold balloons, and a glass of champagne in hand.


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Bella will marry Benjamin Mascolo in March 2021 after her Italian singer fiance proposed. ‘We want it to be the best experience possible and not rushed,’ she explained to HollywoodLife,’ so we’re in a strange position right now.


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‘I already have three or four movies planned for next year, and Ben has something planned as well.’ As a result, we’re both in this strange position of needing to work so much and wishing for some time off before the wedding to enjoy it.’

Source: Daily Mail

Instagram: Bella Thorne

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