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Writer’s Laziness In The Bruce-Jennifer Accident Scene

By Sumit Sahu
August 29,2022

She-Hulk episode 2 doesn’t have much things to talk about. So, while rewatching the first episode, it felt like writers were really lazy for the accident scene, where Jennifer Walters got her power.

Most of you won’t have noticed this, but there was a slight continuity error which made the scene unrealistic to some extent.

The Accident Scene In Detail

SpaceShip in She-Hulk

SpaceShip in She-Hulk

When Bruce and Jennifer met with an accident, Bruce was injured and was bleeding, which showed that the impact was quite harsh. But on the other hand, Jennifer wasn’t injured at all, till the time she tried to get out of the car and help Bruce.

The wound on her arm which led Bruce’s blood to get into her system, was from the attempt she made to come out of the car after the accident. Apart from that, she had no visible scratches and wounds.

Try slowing down the scene and you will definitely find this detail of her. The point is, while Bruce was bleeding from several injuries, why the person driving the car had no impact? It cannot be a co-incidence, as Marvel always focuses on making things seem realistic.

It is just one tiny mistake that can be ignored. But Marvel’s compromise on She-Hulk’s VFX quality is unforgivable.

But again, it would have been better if writers would have shown the first ever transformation of Jennifer Walters into She-Hulk. Marvel could have shown Jennifer confused, frightened and overwhelmed at the point right after she got Bruce’s blood in her system.

Fans would have enjoyed it, just like they enjoyed the transformation of Bruce Banner into Hulk, in The Incredible Hulk and Avengers. We all know that Jennifer is not having an alter ego so she cannot change like Bruce does. But the first time she changed, it would have been a treat to watch.

Now that we know she is in control of her powers, we don’t even expect her to Hulk-Out in Bruce’s style.

She-Hulk Was Bleeding

Green Blood Stains

Green Blood Stains

The immediate detail that is observed after the accident scene are green stain marks on Jennifer’s shirt. Yeah, you got it right! It is not just green stain, but her blood while she was in the Hulk form.

It means that turning into She-Hulk, didn’t heal her wound. The healing process might have taken some time, which is not mentioned or shown in the series so far. Jennifer is now in complete control of her powers, which is pretty cool but not Hulk-specific.

Fans need to filter out Hulk’s impression from mind to judge this new character. Let’s wait and see what the next She-Hulk episodes have for Marvel fans.


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