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Writers Of Eternals Say Harry Styles’ Eros May Have Been Responsible For Infinity War

By Soniya Hinduja
November 11,2021

Eternals claim that Harry Styles’ novel character, Eros/Starfox, blames Thanos’ (Josh Brolin) erroneous acts in Avengers: Infinity War. Directed by Chloé Zhao, Marvel Studios’ recent film Eternals featured an entire team of superheroes. The film also introduced a couple of characters not included in the primary lineup. These include Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman, as well as Harry Styles’ Eros.

Dane’s character in Eternals is that of a normal human being. But in the comics Dane eventually, takes on the role of Black Knight in the MCU. However, Eros’ arc in the story is somewhat different. The character is first seen in the post credits whepost-creditselina Jolie), Makkari (Lauren Ridloff), and Druig (Barry Keoghan) look for their fellow teammates. Starfox was introduced by Pip the Troll (voiced by Patton Oswalt).

The character still does not have much of a story yet, but he is shown to be the younger brother of Thanos like in the comics. The MCU still does not have a dynamic stronghold, but Eternals’ writers are certain that Eroconfident leads Mad Titan to where he does in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War –  the Snap

Writers of Eternals confirm Eros’ influence on Thanos 

Writers Matthew ‘Kaz’ Firpo & Ryan Firpo recently sat through a special interview with Screen Rant. The pair was asked if they had any future plans of introducing Thanos’ dad, A’lars, who was first mentioned in Avengers: Infinity War in Eternals. To answer, they showed appreciation regarding the Mad Titan’s elaborate and interesting history. And how his origin is closely connected to both Eternals and Deviants. A little into having a close to perfect brother like Eros who everyone dotes on, might have disturbed Thanos. Which is why,  a little into the interview hoThis innocently, Thanos wanted to create a marked influence in the form of a snap. Here is what the writers said about the matter:

Kaz Firpo: We were actually, like, powerfully familiar with the crazy Thanos origin story, which I’m pretty sure is full-blown Greek myth where he, like, killed his own mother I wanna say… It’s been a little bit since I read those arcs, we did a deep-dive into Thanos…


Ryan Firpo: She rejected him.


Kaz Firpo: Yeah, he was born from an Eternal and raised as a Deviant, and he’s sort of caught in between the two, so there is a lot of… again, that early connective tissue.


But I think, for the sake of this movie as a film, we really just decided to tell this story, and maybe when we get out into the cosmos you might… I mean, we’re literally meeting Thanos’ actual brother at the end of the film, and I think there’s room for Eros – well, Harry [Styles] – to have a conversation about that.


I think that Starfox is a lot responsible for why Thanos is the way he is, to have that… all jokes aside, to have this perfect brother who can make anyone fall in love with him? It does something to you. So I hope we get to see a little bit more of that in Number 2.

Starfox’s origin and his relationship with his big brother 

To review a little about Starfox’s origin and story for the non-comics fans, Thanos’ brother did not inherit the Deviant gene. So he does not have purple skin like the Mad Titan. In fact, Eros isactive looking Eternal. He possesses all the strengths of an Eternal. But his individuality in power is that he can psionically stimulate the pleasure centers of someone’s brain. Meaning, Starfox can control someone’s emotions and make them adore him.

We know how the Mad Titan is sensitive about his issues. There are chances that all the comparisons made to his brother may have traumatized Thanos. Which is why he became preoccupied with wanting to salvage the world through the snap. And he does so in Avengers: Infinity War. This backstory makes Thanos’ actions at least understandable, if not acceptable. This does not mean that Thanos was any less of a villain than MCU portrays him to be. But he can be empathized with. 

Eros in Marvel comics

Eros in Marvel comics

Thanos’ life in the Sacred Timeline has come to an end. But Marvel could feature the purple villain through flashbacks or memories in association to Eros. We can guarantee that Marvel’s impeccable storytelling would ascertain Starfox’s presence in the MCU for years to come.

And the Studios will achieve this through Eternals. Thus, there is a lot of room to explore the character’s background as well as his relationship with Thanos. And just maybe, we will know whether or not Eros had anything to do with the snap that erased half the population of Earth in Avengers: Infinity War.

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