Writers’ Strike Threatens Robert Pattinson’s Batman Spin-off, ‘The Penguin’

Warner Bros. Faces Production Halt On Robert Pattinson’s Batman Spin-off Show, “The Penguin,” As The Ongoing Wga Strike Disrupts Hollywood Productions

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 17,2023

The ongoing Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) strike has caused a pause in the production of Matt Reeves’ Max streaming series, “The Penguin,” which serves as a spin-off of “The Batman.” The strike, now in its second week, involves writers in Hollywood seeking a new deal with major studios like Warner Bros. and Disney. As a result, several projects in the pre-production phase have been affected, including Marvel Studios’ “Blade” movie. Additionally, ongoing film and television series are facing disruptions, with WGA members on production staffs joining picket lines in solidarity with their colleagues and even blocking filming activities.

Production Of “The Penguin” Halted

The Penguin Offers Sneak Peek At Next Chapter In Robert Pattinson’s Batman Saga On HBO Max

The Warner Bros. Discovery project, “The Penguin,” starring Robert Pattinson, faced a production shutdown due to WGA picketers. The filming was scheduled to continue in Westchester, New York. The halt was initiated after Teamsters and local guilds refused to cross the picket line, as reported by Deadline. Writers expressed their reactions on Twitter, injecting DC-inspired humor with remarks such as “Breaking news: we have spoken Truth to Penguin.” The shutdown reflects the broader impact of the strike, affecting various superhero projects like Marvel Studios’ “Wonder Man” and “Daredevil: Born Again.”

Potential Impact On “The Penguin”

The Penguin And Bruce Wayne

Although “The Penguin” is already in the midst of filming and has a completed script, it remains vulnerable to the effects of the writers’ strike. While missing a single day of filming may not seem catastrophic, repeated disruptions could significantly delay the project’s release and alter its final outcome. Furthermore, the absence of writers on set during non-picketed days of filming could affect the quality of the scenes. Even after the initial script is written, writers play a crucial role during filming, making necessary scene rewrites to ensure its successful adaptation from page to screen. With indications that the strike may persist, the lack of writers during filming could greatly influence the final product delivered by Warner Bros.

Fortunately, Colin Farrell’s Gotham City streaming series, another production within the Robert Pattinson Batman universe, had already progressed considerably before the writers’ strike took effect. While the strike is expected to impact Matt Reeves’ expansion of the Batman universe, the extent of its influence remains uncertain, and it will depend on the duration and severity of the strike.