X-Men ’97 Delayed: Marvel Studios Takes Its Time For The Best Possible Product

Marvel Studios’ X-Men ’97 Animated Series Faces A Delay In Its Release To 2024, With The Studio Taking Its Time To Ensure The Best Possible

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 10,2023

Marvel Studios’ much-anticipated X-Men ’97 animated series is reportedly facing a delay from its Fall 2023 premiere window to a yet-to-be-announced period in 2024. This news comes as part of a wave of delays for the MCU’s upcoming Disney+ series.

The X-Men ’97 reboot marks the first official mutant-related Disney+ show and has been generating significant anticipation among fans. This project could also potentially be the first MCU project to feature Marvel’s classic mutants before the release of Deadpool 3 in November 2024.

Marvel Studios has been experiencing several delays in its Phase 5 Disney+ shows and movies, with critics expressing disappointment in the start of the new phase. The studio has recently removed the release windows for all its Phase 5 Disney+ series, including the X-Men ’97 reboot, which was announced last year with a Fall 2023 premiere window.

Marvel Studios is taking its time with the X-Men ’97 series, despite already having its story details laid out. The studio wants to ensure that fans receive the best possible product as they revisit such a popular team of heroes.

The Delayed Release Schedule

X-Men '97 - Marvel Studios
X-Men ’97 – Marvel Studios

The news of X-Men ’97’s delay comes amid a “massive correction” to the studio’s planned release schedule. This year will only see a handful of new Disney+ series releases, with Secret Invasion confirmed for a June release and Loki Season 2 rumored to debut later in the year.

This delay is at least encouraging as it shows that Marvel Studios is still actively developing X-Men ’97, especially after unexpected layoffs put some of the MCU’s animated projects at risk of being canceled.

X-Men ’97 is still in active development, and showrunner Beau DeMayo has encouraged fans to be patient for the series’ release. Although DeMayo could neither confirm nor deny the rumors surrounding the show’s delay, he assured fans that the series would premiere soon.

The Best Possible Product

X-Men ’97

Despite the delay, Marvel Studios is doing everything it can to make the X-Men ’97 series the best it can be, with multiple seasons already in the works.

The X-Men ’97 reboot will mark the return of the classic 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series, which became a beloved cult classic among comic book fans. The series will pick up from where the original left off, continuing the stories of the iconic X-Men characters.

Fans eagerly await the release of the X-Men ’97 series, and with the promise of the best possible product, the delay is a small price to pay for a show that will hopefully do justice to the beloved characters and their stories.