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Young Avengers Lineup Revealed By A Recurring MCU Easter Egg

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 24,2022

Young Avengers have long been rumored to be coming to the MCU. And this small easter egg may help reveal some of the characters. History has it that the Young Avengers of Marvel are a group of young superheroes who are linked to the more established Avengers of Marvel Comics. Every year, the MCU grows larger. Furthermore, this recurring easter egg may point to the next generation of young heroes in the franchise.

Kid Loki and Wanda’s children Billy and Tommy, AKA Wiccan and Speed, have already made appearances in the MCU. As a member of the Young Avengers, Eli Bradley first appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as Patriot. Some of the characters are connected by a small detail.

The Significance of A Giraffe Toy

The Giraffe toy

A giraffe toy in some MCU kids’ bedrooms, according to a theory, holds the key to the Young Avengers cast’s on-screen lineup. Wandavision’s nursery, Avengers: Endgame’s Morgan’s room, and Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop’s room all feature it.

If Cassie Lang is going to be an Avenger, the giraffe that first appeared in her room in Ant-Man and the Wasp could be a sign that she’s going to be in the next generation of superheroes. Marvel fans have been captivated by this coincidence, which ties them together by their one connection to the Young Avengers.

We see Tommy and Billy play an important role in Wanda’s story; the actor for Cassie Lang is now known for her role as Stature; and Hawkeye has set Kate up for a long-term future as a major character, as Clint Barton himself approves of her. On the horizon for the MCU is a new series on Disney+ starring Ms. Marvel, as well as The Marvels, which will feature her as well as Miss America.

The Giraffe Toy in The MCU


The giraffe toy could appear near both heroes when these projects are released. This is the case as both are still young. The giraffe easter egg could truly be a hint to the lineup for something as big as the Young Avengers. This is so as the MCU makes very deliberate decisions in its scripting and set design.

There’s plenty of room for new Avengers teams now that the original six have split up. The MCU’s younger heroes are more prominently featured and included. For this reason, it seems as if the Young Avengers will join them shortly. Easter eggs are common in Marvel Comics projects, so it’s possible that an ordinary giraffe toy in the corner of a frame could reveal an entire cast of characters.

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