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Young Avengers & Spider-Man Connection Teased In Ms. Marvel

By Mabel Judith Andrady
June 9,2022

It’s already been revealed in the first episode of Ms. Marvel’s MCU arc that fans like Kamala Khan have a unique perspective on the Avengers. It’s not uncommon for Kamala to daydream about becoming a young superhero like Spider-Man in the MCU. During the first episode of the streaming series, Marvel fans were given a taste of what’s to come in the future of the Marvel Universe, and Ms. Marvel has already been made a major part of the Avengers’ future.

With its unique animation style and live-action storytelling of Kamala Khan’s life as a Muslim girl from New Jersey with conservative parents, Kamala’s daydreams about heroes like Black Panther and Captain Marvel are all the more enjoyable to watch. As a result, Ms. Marvel stands out as one of the most distinctive MCU projects to date.

Unlike other Disney+ shows, Ms. Marvel included a post-credits scene from the MCU in its first episode, which has already had a major impact on Marvel’s newest star, Captain Marvel.

Kamala Khan is wanted by the Department of Damage Control

Ms Marvel Post credit scene

Agent Cleary, an agent of the Department of Damage Control who appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, made an appearance in Ms. Marvel’s Disney+ debut shortly after the credits started to roll.

It begins with a frame of a vibrating phone on a messy desk, possibly at a police station, complete with sticky notes and “WANTED” fliers all around. A woman named Deever picks up the smartphone and plays a video of “a teenage girl at AvengerCon” for Agent Cleary as the camera pans to her.

After a brief conversation with Agent Cleary, the girl is dismissed as “just a teenager with too much time on their hands.” Cleary only pays attention after Deever claims she’s “never seen powers like that”

When Kamala puts on her strange bangles at AvengerCon, she loses control of the confidence that comes from it, causing chaos and ruination throughout the convention.

Cleary tells Deever to bring Kamala in instantly after viewing the short clip. Finally, a close-up of Cleary concludes the scene, hinting at his role in the Ms. Marvel story that viewers should keep an eye on.

How Ms. Marvel will be used by Agent Cleary

Ms. Marvel Disney+ Episode Runtimes Revealed

Ms. Marvel Disney+ Episode Runtimes Revealed

Fans were surprised by Agent Cleary’s appearance in the Ms. Marvel series, which has raised a few new questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His inclusion in the new Disney+ show adds a curious layer because it’s still unclear what his role in the show will be.

The post-credits scene made it clear that Agent Cleary is on a mission to capture Kamala—the question is why.

Spider-Man: No Way Home featured Cleary’s last appearance as the police officer who apprehended Peter Parker. It appears that Peter’s family and friends are being coerced into divulging information about the superhero’s activities by Cleary at the same time.

Many MCU fans will view Agent Cleary’s appearance in Ms. Marvel as a bad omen for the new high school hero, given that that’s all audiences have seen of him so far.

No one knows what Cleary is up to at the Department of Damage Control, so it’s possible he’ll be another obstacle for Kamala Khan to overcome. This isn’t the first time that someone like Nick Fury or Maria Hill has shown a “work-no-play” mentality when it comes to superheroes in the MCU. Fans have only seen Cleary gather information in the same way that SHIELD does: efficiently and effectively with a smattering of intimidation.

Agent Cleary told Peter Parker in No Way Home that “Nick Fury has been off-planet for the past year,” which brings us back to our discussion of Nick Fury. Cleary knows something that Peter doesn’t because he was posing as Nick Fury during the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Are there any other superheroes Agent Cleary is in contact with?

Are the Young Avengers being assembled by Agent Cleary?

A Recurring MCU Easter Egg Reveals Young Avengers Lineup - Theory Explained

Even though Nick Fury is well-known for his penchant for secrecy, it seems unlikely that a federal agent like Cleary would be privy to Fury’s secret hideouts and remain unaware of Peter Parker’s innocence all at the same time. To put it another way, Cleary may be working from a perspective that’s completely different from the one that fans saw in No Way Home.

Cleary’s final line, “bring (Kamala) in,” doesn’t necessarily imply that she’s in danger. The post-credits scene hints that Cleary and his team were on the lookout for super-powered individuals, but why exactly they were doing so remains a mystery. Why should the Department of Damage Control be concerned about people who have been enhanced?

It’s possible that the DODC made notes from Fury on how to enlist new heroes in his absence if Cleary is close enough to him. It is possible that the DODC is attempting to create a new Avengers Initiative that adheres to all current superhero laws.

Just like Nick Fury, the DODC can benefit from Kamala’s inexperience as a hero because the adults are the ones who are opposed to superhero laws like the Sokovia Accords, which the DODC can use to its advantage.

Because of the Sokovia Accord, the DODC’s unique flair may be targeting younger heroes who aren’t as established as the older, rebellious Avengers. Sokovia Accords adherents may be easier to find in the current MCU, where newer supers may be more likely to adhere to them.

The Department of Damage Control was established by Tony Stark and is the world’s utmost response team to a catastrophic event makes perfect sense that the DODC would be attempting to recruit their own team of superheroes that adhere more closely to the Accords.

It is possible that Cleary and the DODC are planning to form a Young Avengers-style response team to deal with a variety of threats and disasters.

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