Zachary Levi Sparks Controversy With Claims On Shazam 2's Failure
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Zachary Levi Sparks Controversy With Claims On Shazam 2’s Failure

Zachary Levi Clarifies His Stance On The Failure Of Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, Denying Accusations Of Blaming Dwayne Johnson And Revealing Changes To The Post-credit Scenes.

By Akshay Sharma
March 25,2023

Zachary Levi has recently been in the spotlight due to his comments regarding the failure of his movie, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Levi has indirectly criticized various individuals involved in the DC Universe and Warner Bros on social media. However, he faced backlash after taking a jab at Dwayne Johnson.

Levi Clarifies He Wasn’t Blaming Anyone

Zachary Levi 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods has been declared a flop at the box office, and Levi has accused Warner Bros of doing a poor job with the film’s marketing. He also hinted that Dwayne Johnson was responsible for Shazam 2’s failure after sharing a post from The Wrap that claimed Johnson had changed the post-credit scenes, sabotaging the movie’s performance.

However, during a recent Instagram Live session, Levi clarified that he was not blaming anyone for the movie’s failure. He explained that he shared the post to prevent himself from being blamed for things that were not his fault.

Levi Addresses Changes To Shazam 2’s Post-Credit Scenes

Justice Society Of America

According to reports, characters from the Justice Society of America were meant to appear in the post-credit scenes of Shazam 2. Levi stated that the scene would have tied him into the JSA with Hawkman and Cyclone. However, the scene was changed at the last minute, and Levi revealed that he, along with Walter Hamada, Peter Safran, and David Sandberg, had an awesome scene planned that would have worked well with the JSA.

Levi Claims He Was Speaking the Truth

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Levi spoke out to share the truth so that his fans could understand the details behind the movie’s failure. He also defended James Gunn, who was receiving backlash online due to his wife’s involvement with the Justice Society. Levi claims that he was not blaming anyone but was merely bringing the truth to light.