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Zack Snyder’s Star Wars Inspired Movie Will Avoid What Killed The Sequel Trilogy

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 7,2022

Love him or hate him; Zack Snyder’s name alone is enough to spark a conversation about filmmaking. His DCEU Snyderverse will always live in infamy while still being admired and fiercely loved by a legion of his fans.

However, his DCEU days have been over for a little while now, and the filmmaker has moved on to greener pastures. Nowadays, his business relationship is with Netflix, and the partnership has produced the much beloved and watched Army Of The Dead.

After this, Snyder announced the upcoming Star Wars-like movie Rebel Moon on Netflix. Originally, Snyder’s pitch was set in a galaxy far, far away. But that didn’t happen. However, Snyder never lost his love for the concept.

So over the years, he reworked it to be what Rebel Moon was going to become. Even though a Star Wars movie directed by Zack Snyder could be amazing, that’s not on the cards right now.

As such, even though the concept of Rebel Moon might seem similar to Star Wars, it isn’t connected to the beloved decades-old franchise at all. We don’t know much about Rebel Moon, but we know some things about it.

What Is Rebel Moon About?

Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon

The film will take place in a futuristic sci-fi world, and the focus will be on an out-of-the-way small colony being invaded by Belisarius, a warlord. So to protect the peaceful little colony, Sofia Boutella’s protagonist will head to neighboring planets to get the warriors needed to fight for them.

The movie will premiere on Netflix, and it will surely bring Snyder’s bombastic and stylistic way of filmmaking to the streaming service once more after Army of The Dead.

It will be interesting to witness what his ideas originally were about Star Wars. However, since Snyder doesn’t have to abide by the Star Wars universe’s franchise constraints so he can create his own Star Wars clone. And maybe he will be able to avoid the thing that was the death knell for the Sequel Trilogy.

How Will Rebel Moon Avoid The Thing That Killed The Sequel Trilogy?

The Star Wars sequel trilogy

The Star Wars sequel trilogy

One of the major issues with the Sequel Trilogy was that it relied a lot on previous references and lore to lift the story. Instead of telling an original story, the main focus was put on connections to the original characters.

This limited their ability to innovate. Basically, nostalgia was used both as bait and crutch, and this ultimately killed the trilogy at its core (not that there weren’t other writing issues as well).

But Snyder is exempt from this baggage. He doesn’t have to deal with this. Audiences who will go in to see his movie won’t have any expectations for it. After all, there are no other characters, planets, creatures, etc… to reference or use.

Snyder Will Have Freedom With Rebel Moon

Concept art of Rebel Moon

Concept art of Rebel Moon

Overall, it will be his fresh and unique world. As a result, Rebel Moon will be able to avoid the major mistake Disney made with the Star Wars sequel films.

Since this movie will be on Netflix, so they won’t have to face the expectations that Disney did, and as such neither of that pressure will be on Snyder. So Snyder will be able to explore his creative vision for the movie.

Disney movies are also catered broadly towards general audiences, but Snyder, on the other hand, will have plenty of choices regarding how he wants the sci-fi action movie to be made.

And we know that Snyder appreciates this creative freedom after what happened with the Snyderverse. So Rebel Moon will become what Snyder wants it to be, and if all goes well, this might kickstart its own cinematic universe.

Filming will begin soon, and so fans of Snyder’s work should expect more concept art, casting updates, plot details, etc… of Rebel Moon to be released shortly.

Snyder has shown his writing ability and directions countless times. Now he can showcase it again with his Star Wars-inspired film that’s detached from the expectations of the whole Star Wars franchise.

It will bring new characters and a new world to fans. As such, Rebel Moon will surely become more interesting as more information about it gets released.

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