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Zendaya Referring To A No Way Home Plot Twist With Her Stunning Dress

By Soniya Hinduja
December 1,2021

Football fans may be busy celebrating the night of nights, mainly because Leonel Messi won his 7th Ballon d’Or. And yet, it is the Spider-Man and Dune starrer Zendaya who has grabbed all of the social media’s gaze with her breathtaking dress. 

The centre of attention in Zendaya’s dress was an exceptionally stunning golden spine. And the specific detailing calls to mind her Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock. 

Could Zendaya’s MJ Transform Into A Villain? 

Specific speculation started revolving on the internet immediately after the feature. The theory suggests that Zendaya’s dress might pose a hint towards MJ becoming a female Doc Ock. Exactly like the way Into the Spider-Verse featured a female Doctor Octopus. It is a given that plenty of Spider-Man villains are people he is acquainted with or mentors, which is why it would make sense if his girlfriend became one of his biggest challenges in the future. 


Zendaya’s MJ in Spider-Man: No Way Home

The character of Doc Ock was never just that of Otto Octavius. There was another long-standing tentacled nemesis who took up the mantle from Octavius—going by the name of Lady Octopus. The earliest feature of this female version of Doc Ock was seen in the comic’s infamous Spider-Man clone saga. The issue also dealt with multiple web slingers appearing within situations. Above all, does this not closely resemble Spider-Man: No Way Home?

The alter ego of Lady Octopus in the comics is Carolyn Trainer. So far, the character has only made her appearance in the animated Spider-Man shows. Into the Spider-Verse had an iteration of sorts on Lady Octopus where Olivia Octavius took on the role.

Lady Octopus

Carolyn Trainer as Lady Octopus in Marvel Comics

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Potential For Ned Leeds’ Hobgoblin 

However, apart from Zendaya’s MJ, there is one more contender who could journey towards a potential diabolical transformation in Spider-Man. Marvel fans are placing their bets on Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) becoming the Hobgoblin as we move forward. It is the arc that Leeds follows in the comics. Essentially, because he was brainwashed to kill his former friend. Recently, Batalon shared with his Instagram followers that he lost 102 pounds (43 kilograms) for his role in the threequel. However, we are now wondering if this is him preparing to take on the Hobgoblin title. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home will release in theatres worldwide on December 17, 2021. And with all the excitement circling the returning villains from previous Spider-Man feature films and a potential cameo from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men, there was not a lot of limelight focused on Zendaya. But that’s not the case anymore. 


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