Zendaya’s Extreme Commitment Leads To Bruises And Scars During ‘Euphoria’ Filming

Discover how Zendaya’s relentless dedication to her role in ‘Euphoria’ resulted in physical injuries and emotional strain during filming.

By Akshay Sharma
July 22,2023
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The entertainment industry continually adapts to audience demands, with small-screen entertainment gaining immense popularity in modern times. Among the iconic HBO originals, ‘Euphoria’ stands out, with Zendaya in the lead role, making it one of the most prominent TV series worldwide.

Pushing Boundaries For Excellence:


To maintain excitement and amazement, the stars of ‘Euphoria’ push themselves to deliver their best performances. However, this dedication may sometimes lead to pushing oneself too far, as Zendaya experienced during the filming of a particular episode.

The Grueling Episode:


The episode in question is the fifth episode of the second season titled ‘Stand Still Like The Hummingbird.’ In this episode, Zendaya’s character, Rue Bennet, desperately searches for her suitcase filled with drugs, refusing to go to rehab. She faces various hardships, including psychological, emotional, and physical challenges throughout the episode.

Zendaya’s Struggles:


During an interview, Zendaya revealed the toll this episode took on her. She described it as a tough day, admitting to beating herself up physically and emotionally. The demanding scenes left her with bruises and scars on her legs. The central idea of the episode was to portray Rue’s intervention, where she tears her life apart and reaches rock bottom.

The Reward Of Dedication:

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Although the filming was arduous, the episode played a crucial role in the story’s development and showcased Zendaya’s exceptional acting skills. The audience loved the episode, making it a success in the end.

Overview Of ‘Euphoria’:

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The show delves into the dark and traumatic side of teenage life, portraying the struggles of growing up. Zendaya’s character, Rue Bennet, battles drug abuse while entangling her life with others her age, each facing their demons and searching for meaning.

The Evolution Of The Film Industry And Small-Screen Entertainment

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The entertainment industry adapts to audience preferences, and in modern times, small-screen entertainment gains immense popularity. Leading this trend is HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ starring Zendaya as the protagonist, captivating audiences worldwide.

The Physical And Emotional Toll Of Filming ‘Euphoria’


Zendaya’s dedication to her role led her to push her boundaries during the filming of a particular episode. In the fifth episode of the second season, titled ‘Stand Still Like The Hummingbird,’ her character, Rue Bennet, faces numerous challenges, leaving the actress emotionally and physically exhausted.

Zendaya’s Candid Admission Of Struggles

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In an interview, Zendaya candidly shared her experiences during the filming of the taxing episode. She revealed the emotional toll it took on her, confessing to beating herself up both physically and emotionally. The demanding scenes resulted in bruises and scars on her legs.

The Significance Of The Grueling Episode


Despite the challenges, the episode proved to be essential to the overall story and character development. Zendaya’s impeccable acting skills brought authenticity and depth to the character of Rue, resonating with the audience.

‘Euphoria’ – A Raw Depiction Of Teenage Struggles

Zendaya. Pic credits: Instagram/ Zendaya
Zendaya. Pic credits: Instagram/ Zendaya

The show ‘Euphoria’ offers a raw and honest portrayal of the struggles teenagers face while growing up. Zendaya’s character, Rue Bennet, battles drug addiction while navigating a complex web of relationships, each character dealing with their own demons and searching for meaning in their lives.


Zendaya as MJ
Zendaya’s Extreme Commitment Leads to Bruises and Scars During ‘Euphoria’ Filming

Zendaya’s commitment to her role in ‘Euphoria’ is commendable, but it also highlights the physical and emotional toll that actors may experience while filming demanding scenes. The success of the grueling episode underscores the importance of genuine performances in captivating audiences. ‘Euphoria’ continues to resonate with viewers as it fearlessly explores the challenges of adolescence and growing up.