Zendaya’s MJ Was Originally Supposed To Be An MCU Superhero

Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally in theaters, and it’s breaking box office records left and right. It’s clear that people are loving our friendly

By Ishita Chatterjee
December 29,2021
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Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally in theaters, and it’s breaking box office records left and right. It’s clear that people are loving our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s next adventure.

The movie brings back Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and of course, Zendaya in their famous MCU roles. They all have to deal with Peter Parker’s identity crisis as a result of Mysterio leaking Spider-Man’s identity.

Along with this, Spidey also has to deal with villains from the previous Spider-Man franchises like Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock while trying to make sense of the multiverse.

By the time the movie ends, Peter Parker gets a do-over. Thanks to Doctor Strange finally nailing the spell, now no one in the world knows who Spider-Man is under that mask.

Ned Leeds Might Become Hobgoblin

Ned Leeds to be the next Hobgoblin
Ned Leeds to be the next Hobgoblin

As a result, Ned and MJ get to live a normal life that’s free of Spidey. And as a result, they are free from the dangers which come with that. Even though the two of them are out of Peter’s life, but it’s quite likely that they will still be in the MCU.

After all, we mentioned before that No Way Home did include an interesting but indirect Hobgoblin tease, and this might indicate where Ned Leeds will end up as.

Zendaya’s character MJ doesn’t get any such teases regarding what comes next. But apparently, there were plans to make MJ a superhero at one point.

Zendaya Might Have Played An MCU Superhero At One Point

Ned Leeds, MJ, and Peter Parker
Ned Leeds, MJ, and Peter Parker

During an interview with OK, Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Zendaya and Tom Holland discussed their latest MCU offering. At one point, the interviewer asked Zendaya if she ever tried to pitch Sony and Marvel producers a storyline about MJ becoming a superhero in the MCU.

To this, she quickly responded with, “no no no.” Holland then chimed in saying that, “[the filmmakers] were trying for a while, do you remember that?”

The actress acknowledged those plans but made it clear that she was happy with MJ and that she “leave[s] the superheroing” to her co-star Holland:

Here’s the full quote:

“Yea, but I leave the superheroing to this one. I’m actually really happy with MJ and the character she is and that she plays. And I think what’s really special about what Jon does, I think also with Ned and MJ and Peter, is create this beautiful friendship and love between them and this beautiful love story that’s there.”

But Zendaya did make it clear that even though Spider-Man might save the world, but “he needs help… he cannot do it on his own.” Here’s her full quote on the matter:

“But also like, Spider-Man, he saves the world, but he needs help. You know? He cannot do it on his own. I think that he’s just a young person trying to figure it out on his own, and that’s when Ned and MJ come in and try to help him figure it out. They’re all very smart kids, let’s not forget. So they put their brains together, and they’re all there for each other; they support each other. So, I’m totally fine with being a part of the team.”

Here’s the full interview from OK:

Could Zendaya Have Played Jackpot? 

Jackpot aka., Sara Ehret
Jackpot aka., Sara Ehret

We don’t know what originally the plans were for Zendaya’s character MJ. In another recent interview, Tom Holland quite suspiciously smirked at his co-star when the topic of Jackpot came up. So was that her future at one point?

In Marvel comics, Jackpot’s name is Sara Ehret. She is a super-powered being who decided that she didn’t want to be a superhero. So she loaned her look and name to Alana Jobson.

Alana took Mutant Growth Hormones to be a hero. But she died as a result of the drugs she took to save lives. Previously, a movie based on the superhero was revealed to be in developing by Sony with Marc Guggenheim at the helm, but nothing new has been revealed since then.

However, neither of the above two mentioned characters associated with Jackpot line up convincingly with anything we have seen on the screen concerning MJ.

So for now, it seems like this is an idea that Sony and Marvel Studios were playing with before the character was fleshed out and truly established in the MCU.

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