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Zeus’ Death in Thor 4 Will Bring A New Avenger On Board

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 12,2022

In order to introduce Hercules to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans may have to witness Russell Crowe’s Zeus’ death in Thor 4. This character has appeared in numerous Avengers lineups in comic books, and he is a major member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Then there’s the fact that he’s arguably the most crucial Avenger still missing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hercules hails from a previously unexplored area of the Marvel Universe. When it comes to comic book gods, the Asgardians are by far the most well-known. However, there are also Olympian gods from Greek mythology who have visited Earth. Hercules and Ares, two characters who have appeared in countless Marvel Comics stories, have been conspicuously absent from the MCU. However, Thor: Love and Thunder appears to change that. Russell Crowe, who had been rumored to be joining the cast of Thor: Ragnarok, later revealed that he would be portraying Zeus, the god of the Olympians and Odin’s Greek counterpart.

Zeus’ role in Thor’s next adventure is unknown. However, one possibility is that his role is linked to his demigod son, Hercules. Hercules hasn’t been confirmed for Thor 4, but as a long-awaited character by fans, he’d make a good secret hero in the film. As a result of Zeus’ death in Thor 4, Hercules could be introduced to the MCU, and this is how he might do so.

Understanding the Master Plan of Gorr


Thor 4’s main villain could target Russell Crowe’s MCU character. This upcoming film’s main antagonist is played by Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. Comic book character Gorr is depicted as a powerful warrior who has long harbored an unrelenting hatred for the gods. He lost his entire family on his home planet a long time ago.

Gorr’s own personal tragedies convinced him that gods do not exist. It was only natural for him to be furious upon learning that there are gods who can and do intervene in the affairs of mankind. Gorr made the decision to go after all the gods in the universe, including Thor and Odin, in response to this realization. On his journey, he would kill every god or goddess he came across, no matter where they lived or where they were worshipped. All but certain is that MCU’s Gorr will go on a killing spree against all the gods.

Why Zeus’ Death In Thor 4 Will Happen Because Of Gorr?



In light of the fact that most of Asgard have been decimated by Thor: Ragnarok, the story of Thor: Love and Thunder will undoubtedly hinge on Gorr’s crusade. While Gorr’s ultimate goal is to kill Thor, it’s possible that his story will begin with him killing off other gods before that. Marvel should put Gorr up against a deity that the audience would immediately consider to be an all-powerful character in order to show how vicious and dangerous Gorr really is.

Zeus, the god of the gods in Greek mythology, is an obvious choice for this role. Defeating Zeus would prove that Gorr is one of the strongest villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history. He could even go so far as to assassinate every god on Mount Olympus.

Hercules and Thor Could Team Up To Avenge Zeus’s Death In Thor 4

Thor_ Love And Thunder_ How Powerful Will Zeus Be Compared To Odin_

Thor_ Love And Thunder_ How Powerful Will Zeus Be Compared To Odin_

While a scene in which Butcher murders Zeus and the other gods of Olympus would make for an unforgettable first impression, such a scene could also serve another purpose. In other words, Hercules could be born as a result of this development.

Hercules, in both myth and comics, is a hero who spends the majority of his time among the mortals rather than the giants of his father’s people. There is a good chance that Hercules is either on the Earth of the MCU or somewhere else. As he is well-known for being a womanizer and heavy drinker, he could easily be wasting his time somewhere or even embarking on a journey of exploration. It’s possible that he’s not on Olympus when Gorr attacks, and that’s how he survives the carnage, too.

After finding out about Zeus’ death, Hercules could be compelled into action if he has any emotional connection to his father, Zeus, and the other gods. A possible alliance with Thor, Jane Foster (Natalia Portman), Lady Sif and Valkyrie against Gorr could be formed if that happens. If Gorr is indeed capable of assassinating gods like Zeus, it stands to reason that Thor alone will not be able to defeat him. Thor’s victory over the villain would be made possible if he had a partner with strength equal to his.

In addition to the Gorr the God Butcher story, Hercules’ inclusion in Thor 4 would be extremely beneficial. It’s no surprise that a character like the Prince of Power would fit in so well in a film like this. Taika Waititi, who directed Thor: Ragnarok, will return to bring Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and the other characters to life in a similarly comedic fashion in Thor 4. A Taika Waititi-directed Marvel film about Hercules would be perfect, given his iconic status in Thor and the Avengers comics, as well as his comic-book comedic value. Accordingly, the Hercules-Thor team up in Love and Thunder has a lot of exciting possibilities.

Hercules’ Future in the MCU



It would be a crying shame if Marvel’s plans for Hercules ended with Thor 4, as the character is a lot of fun and has a lot of depth. Several decades of stories have shown that the Lion of Olympus can work well with groups like the Avengers as part of a team dynamic. He’s also been the star of his own comic book a few times, so it’s safe to say he’s capable of being a stand-alone protagonist. When it comes to Marvel’s future, he has many options.

It’s possible that he’ll join the Avengers in Avengers 5, either alongside Thor or in his place. Alternatively, he could join Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and become a member of the team. When it comes to the Guardians of the Galaxy, Hercules isn’t particularly connected in the comics, but he is a current member of the most recent group. On Disney+, Marvel could also give him a TV show of his own.

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