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5 Good Guys Gone Bad In The MCU

By Umer Javed
August 28,2022

The MCU has been around for more than a decade. It has given us a lot of heros to look up to. However, we have also witnessed that, due to certain circumstances, not all the guys always remain good. They end up doing some questionable things. So, let’s take a look at some of the good guys who went bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years.

Wanda Maximoff



Let’s begin with one of the heroes who all of us love(d). From being on the opposite side of Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron to becoming one of them, she has had quite a journey.

Following Vision’s death in Endgame, Wanda becomes overwhelmed with her grief and goes on to enthrall the people of Westview. She created an alternate reality where Vision was alive and the couple even have kids. However, she again had to give it all up, and that began her true journey into the abyss

After getting into the possession of the Darkhold, Wanda’s soul is corrupted by the mystical book and she ends up unleashing chaos throughout the multiverse. In order to be with her kids again, she tries to steal the powers of America Chavez and even ends up killing Dr. Strange in one of the universes.

Because of her grief, Wanda went from one of the Avengers to one of the worst threats faced by Strange in the MCU yet. Even though we see her have a change of heart at the end of Dr Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, what the future holds for her is unclear. In case, if she has survived the debris and returns in future Marvel movies, it will be fun seeing Dr Strange and the Scarlet Witch team up against Kang the Conqueror.

Gorr: The God Butcher

Gorr And Eternity

We get a brief introduction to Gorr before he becomes the God Butcher in beginning of the movie Thor: Love and Thunder. He was the member of a tribe who were firm believers of the God Rapu and his promise of the eternal reward. His tribe went through several hardships throughout their lives to please the Gods and Gorr even lost his daughter who he loved very dearly.

After his daughter’s death, Gorr meets his God, expecting him to fulfil his promise of the eternal reward, but he discovers that Rapu did not much care about his tribe or their sacrifice. This enraged Gorr, and multiplied with the corruption by the Necrosword, he goes on a God-killing spree and becomes the God-butcher.

Similar to Wanda, Gorr was also formally a good person who was later overwhelmed by his grief and corrupted by a mystical weapon, and ended up doing something horrible.

Karl Mordo

Played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mordo was a close ally and a friend of the Ancient One. He even trained Dr. Strange along with the other new recruits.

During the fight with Kaecilius, he learnt that the Ancient One drew her power from the dark dimension which came as a shock to him. In addition to that, following the Ancient One’s death, the regular violation of the natural laws by his colleagues pushed him off the edge. He turned his back on his allys and went on his own path.

In the post credit scenes, we see him stripping sorcerers of all their power. We haven’t seen the main universe version of Mordo since the first Dr. Strange movie but it seems that a battle between him and Dr. Strange is due anytime soon.

Aldrich Killian

Aldrich Killian

Aldrich Killian

Does anyone remember the Extremis Virus from the Iron Man 3 movie? Yeah, he’s that guy. Aldrich Killian was the main antagonist of the Iron Man 3 movie. Though, before he became a ticking fire bomb, he wasn’t a bad guy.

When he first appeared in the movie, he was a weak nerdy scientist. He told Stark about his Advance Idea Mechanics (AIM) and Tony asked him to meet on the roof in 20 minutes to discuss it further.

Aldrich waited for 1 hour and 20 minutes and he finally realised that Tony is never going to show up. He felt weak, unseen, disappointed and angry, and that paved the way for his villian origin story.

Kamran (from Ms Marvel)Kamran

Let’s end our list with one of the newer additions in the MCU. Kamran is the son of Najma and he is a clandestine. In his first appearance, he seemed like a good guy. We also see him go against his own family to look out for Kamala. However, after losing his mother and gaining powers similar to Ms Marvel, things start to change a bit.

The first few of his incidents are unintentional, but by the end of the series, he tries to destroy the whole city due to his rage.

Even though Kamala manages to calm him down momentarily and help him escape, he could be a potential villian in the upcoming Ms Marvel projects, given that he is one in the comics. However, Marvel has taken a completely different approach with this series, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he redeemed himself.

Anyways, this sums up our list of a few good people, who due to one thing or another either turned into villains or did some regrettable things.

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