Accident In Memphis Kills Six And Injures Dozens Due To Foggy Weather

An accident involving up to 50 cars happened in Missouri. At least six people have died and many more have been hurt. As it turns out, someone slowed down too late in the thick fog. It’s possible that someone hit the brakes on I-57 near Charleston around 8am, causing a chain reaction that led to a lot of people getting hurt. One cop called the accident one of the worst he’s ever seen in his life. The Cop quoted:

Prayers for everyone involved, the families of the people killed, and everyone who saw things today that no one should have to see. This will stay in their minds for a long time.

Multiple people are dead following a car pileup on I-57 in Charleston, Missouri involving up to fifty vehicles
Firefighters worked on putting out a fire after a fatal pileup along Interstate 57 near Charleston
Multiple people are dead following a car pileup on I-57 in Charleston, Missouri, involving up to fifty vehicles.

Videos from the scene show trucks on fire and smoke that can be seen for miles. One person was airlifted to a hospital after several 18-wheelers caught fire. On Thursday, the Mississippi County coroner’s office in Missouri said that at least six people had died. Local news station 23WIFR said that.

Highway Patrol is still clearing the scene. Law enforcement has asked the public to avoid all roads leading into I-57, as they’re being shut down due to traffic and emergency vehicles

When Robert Hearnes, the director of the Charleston Department of Public Safety, came to the interstate, there were very thick clouds of fog. You couldn’t see more than 50 feet away, so traffic had already backed up. They had a lot of accidents on both sides of the interstate, so both the north and southbound lanes of the highway had to be closed down. Local authorities say that a number of agencies have worked together to help and clear the scene. A mobile morgue was set up at a funeral home in Charleston, where a body was taken.

People help one of the wounded after the pileup on the I-57 on Thursday afternoon

The Missouri Department of Public Safety said in a statement:

‘This is a big accident with a lot of tractor trailers and a lot of deaths.’

They say that the stretch from I-55 to Illinois will likely be closed for a few hours. They said:

‘Both directions are closed and there is a lot of cleanup and the Missouri State Highway Patrol is still looking into the scene of a major crash that killed a lot of people.’

There is no timetable for when I-57 will reopen. Police told people not to take any roads that led to I-57. Among the people taken to the hospital were two people who work for the local news station, KFVS. At the scene, a lot of people were treated.

Police also reported vehicle fires, including several 18-wheelers; at least one person was airlifted to receive medical care

There are lines of cars at the accident site and black smoke fills the sky in pictures that people have shared online. The Scott City Fire Department called the accident a tragedy. Spokesman:

‘This morning our agency responded to a mutual aid request in Mississippi County, on I-57 at the 12 Mile Marker. It was in Mississippi County.’

Dozens of fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies came from Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky to help people who were killed in a car accident.

Our group was on the scene for 6 hours before going back to Scott City. Tow truck drivers from Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky are still on the scene to help with vehicle recoveries. Please keep the remaining workers and tow truck drivers on the scene in your thoughts and prayers for their safety during this long cleanup process.

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