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Fan Theory Points To Possible Wolverine Cameo

By Siddhant Chawla
September 9,2022

This year’s San Diego Comic-con gave us the final release date of The Thunderbolts. Thunderbolts, ending Phase 4 of the MCU, will focus on a group of anti-heroes brought together by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

The cast of The Thunderbolts is yet to be confirmed but we have a rumored team at our hands. The team consists of some big names such as Yelena Belova, U.S. Agent, and Abomination.

Who Will Lead Them All?

Zemo, Yelena, U.S. Agent

Zemo, Yelena, U.S. Agent

Recent rumors have revealed a potential leader of The Thunderbolts. Yelena Belova the sister of Natasha Romanoff, is rumored to be the leader of the team.

Yelena will be seen leading a team of anti-heroes like the U.S. Agent and Baron Zemo, who just liYelenaena are the most popular gray characters of the MCU. Other than them there are rumored to be some other famous anti-heroes.

Abomination is reportedly a part of the team, after the unknown events that are supposed to take place at the end of She-Hulk Attorney At Law. Recent rumors also pointed to the return of John Bernthal’s Punisher.

Valentina might also be in Ironheart for The Hood, who along with The Punisher is rumored to be a part of it. Who knows we might get to see another character return like Ghost or General Ross as Red Hulk.

Will It Also Introduce The Mutants?



A fan theory suggests that Marvel might introduce the mutants through The Thunderbolts. As in the latest episode of She Hulk, Marvel dropped a big easter egg pointing towards Wolverine.

This is their biggest chance at introducing Project X into the MCU. Project X refers to the government experiment led by William Stryker. It has given Weapon X i.e., Logan aka Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and also the fan favorite Deadpool also known as Weapon XI.

After the easter egg in She Hulk, fans are now predicting Kevin Feige’s plan for the future. The introduction of Wolverine makes a lot of sense as might be considered a criminal in the eyes of the citizens.

Well, let’s hope this fan theory becomes true and we get to meet the mutants earlier than expected.

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