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Latest Moon Knight Footage Includes Fascinating Supernatural Scenes

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 11,2022

Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight is set to debut in the MCU’s supernatural with with the release of the Disney+ series. In the first season, we’ll learn how mercenary-turned-god Khonshu-agent Marc Spector got his start in the business. Additionally, the character suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which causes an individual to have multiple personalities.

Marketing for Moon Knight has been increasing in recent weeks as the show’s release date approaches. The series’ thrilling action scenes and the sophistication of Spector’s psychological illness were the primary focus of Moon Knight’s promotional footage.

Now that the first official footage of Moon Knight has been released, the anticipation for its eagerly anticipated release has been heightened.

New Scenes & Locations Are Revealed In The Moon Knight Promo

USA Today has released a brand new Moon Knight featurette, giving fans a sneak peek at the upcoming MCU series. Filmmaker Mohamed Diab, Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy are all featured in a 90-second teaser for the upcoming series.

“Getting introduced to a new superhero in a new world” is the fun of Moon Knight, according to Hawke in the video. “It’s a real legit character study,” Isaac said, adding that the show’s mental health aspect¬†was taken extremely seriously.

‘Spectacular character’ and ‘incredibly unique visual look’ were the words used by Feige to describe the titular hero.

“Fight Club meets Indiana Jones” is how Calamawy described Moon Knight’s tone, saying it is “a bit dark at times.” An Egyptian base for Khonshu is shown in the promo. This is where Isaac’s Marc Spector can be seen moving around:

Isaac Marc In Khonshu's base

Isaac Marc In Khonshu’s base

Khonshu appears to be performing a ritual with Mr Knight and Layla:

Moon Knight's Khonshu

Moon Knight’s Khonshu

In this official still, Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow seems to be on a personal mission:

Moon Knight's Ethan Hawke

Moon Knight’s Ethan Hawke

Even before Marc Spector transforms into Moon Knight, May Calamawy’s Layla can be seen working together with Marc Spector in this still:

Moon Knight Digs Deep Into The Unknown

Moon Knight's Marc Spector

Moon Knight’s Marc Spector

According to the most recent Moon Knight featurette, the film is going to be a mix of intense action and intriguing supernatural elements. The plot of Moon Knight is still being kept under wraps. As a result of this, the series’ official promotional footage has generated even more anticipation for its debut.

May Calamawy describes the show as “Fight Club meets Indiana Jones”. This suggests that Oscar Isaac’s Marvel hero will engage in nonstop action as he travels to various locations and battles villains. Moon Knight will be “brutal” and introduce a “tonal shift” for the MCU, according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Because of Isaac’s comment that the show will treat mental health issues “seriously,” viewers will be able to see the issue through the eyes of a superhero. Moon Knight has the possibility to provide a memorable experience for Marvel fans, according to many critics.

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