She-Hulk: Her True Powers Link Her To The Celestials

Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers #50! She-Hulk is Hulk’s cousin. By now, everyone knows of this dynamic. Recently in the comics, she has been hanging

By Ishita Chatterjee
December 13,2021
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Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers #50!

She-Hulk is Hulk’s cousin. By now, everyone knows of this dynamic. Recently in the comics, she has been hanging out with the Avengers and filled the role of a humungous strong creature.

Also, she has reminded Marvel fans that she has unique cosmic significance. In Avengers #50, we see She-Hulk finally transformed back into a more classic style contrary to her previous bulked-up figure.

She-Hulk Reverts To Her Classic Form

She-Hulk reverts to her classic form
She-Hulk reverts to her classic form

In the bulked-up figure, she looked more like the Hulk. But after she absorbed massive amounts of gamma radiation and raced off to the Avengers Mountain to let that out, Jennifer Walters has now reverted to her most iconic look.

This is a good move on Marvel’s part since the character will be seemingly sporting her classic look for the upcoming Disney+ live-action tv show. Also, it gives her back the thing that Walters is famous for, which makes her different from Hulk- the ability to combine superhuman strength with almost unparalleled legal genius.

Even casual Marvel fans know that She-Hulk is a formidable lawyer and a fighter. Her legal prowess has given her standing on par with various cosmic beings.

She-Hulk As Part Of The Magistrati

She-Hulk knows about Celestial law
She-Hulk knows about Celestial law.

She-Hulk was even designated as part of the Magistrati, the Enforcers of Universal Law for the Living Tribunal. Marvel comics readers know that The Living Tribunal is a multiversal creature whose only job is to preserve balance in the multiverse.

It sits just below the One-Above-All in the Marvel cosmic power rankings. Since She-Hulk is designated a Magistrate, she is firmly one of the most universally trusted minds in the Marvel Universe.

And she has proven her mental abilities multiple times. Her judgment has the authority of a god, and it binds even Watchers to her decisions. In Avengers #50, she thanks a fallen Celestial and reminds fans that Jennifer’s new form was indeed a gift from the Celestials.

Powerful Beings trust She-Hulk

Celestials trust She-Hulk
Celestials trust She-Hulk

They foresaw that she would need a power boost to tackle the threats ahead. Now, the Celestials aren’t entirely on the Living Tribunal’s level, but they are still cosmically wise and compelling. This makes it clear that her upgrades aren’t flukes- she is indeed inherently trusted by the most significant forces of the Marvel Universe. And they will grant her untold powers when needed.

One of the biggest criticisms since She-Hulk took on her new form was the lack of nuance for the character. Walters was a lawyer first and a superhero next. So her sense of justice and equity is ingrained in her, with or without powers. Her new form could shine a light on just what it means to process anger and grief. But it also forced the character to abandon much of what made her such a feminist icon in the first place.

She-Hulk's legal prowess was always at the forefront
She-Hulk’s legal prowess was always at the forefront.

It swapped out her brains for brawn and imbalanced her emotional volatility. Now that the balance is back, Avengers #50 has again reminded readers that Jen only got her new form because Marvel’s cosmic powers kept choosing her as their champion. So with the return of her classic form, She-Hulk again now has the chance to bring more nuance to her life as the Hulk. So she will be using her legal brain. That’s so incredible that the most powerful beings in the MCU multiverse want her on their side.

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