What If…? Season 2 Opening Episode Might Feature Peggy Carter Fighting Steve Rogers

As hinted earlier, the photo leaks of What If Season 2 have confirmed that the first episode will possibly be of Peggy Carter’s journey with Steve Rogers to fight the battle that we are unaware of. 

The post-credit scene of the last episode in Season 1 showed that Steve survived the lab battle and is stuck within the Hydra Stomper. The story will begin from where it ended, so let’s expect some wonders here. 

Peggy Carter’s Version of The Winter Soldier

Peggy Carter

The story may be taken from the Captain America: Winter Soldier plot. Probably, this time Steve Rogers was captured by Hydra and was brainwashed to do their dirty tasks. 

Being the Captain America of this alternate universe, Peggy Carter might have to fight Steve to bring him back to his senses. 

The Fight Between Steve and Peggy


Steve will be replicating the character of Bucky from the Winter Soldier movie. Yes, Steve Rogers didn’t get the super soldier serum in this alternate universe. But, his determination and courage remain the same in every universe. 

So, we will probably hear this dialogue one more time, which says, “I can do it all day!”. And the man who is stubborn in his decisions and actions will give a tough fight to the super soldier. 

On the other hand, Peggy Carter will fight for her love and must also serve her duties. It will be interesting to see this conflict and outcome. 

Black Widow will also play a role in this episode, just like she helped Captain America in the Winter Soldier movie to neutralize Bucky. 

Let’s see how Marvel pulls this off, as they have taken the alternate reality concept a step further by extending the plots strategically. 

Fans await the release of new episodes of What If Season 2 and have their theories and rumors relating to all of the season 1 episodes. Will Marvel justify those fans’ theories and rumors? Or will it blow beyond their expectations?